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  • F20 gearbox

    Has anyone got any tips on how to get pressure into the clutch. I’ve bled it until there are no air bubbles coming out but still not enough pressure to get the csc to move?

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    Well F20 is cable gearbox, so I guess you are converting it to CSC. It can only be problem with Clutch master or the slave itself really, otherwise you will have fluid coming out somewhere. Very basic system with pipe between the two items, that is assuming the parts you are using are compatible. I would guess clutch master cylinder has gone bad, especially if "bean can " type mini unit. Or maybe the flexi hose outside the bellhousing has collapsed?
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      Just like Birdman said...nothing special about the system...cylinders must be in working order and if you're not getting pressure then it's one of them releasing pressure through rubber bushes inside.
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