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f16 gearbox setup ?

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  • f16 gearbox setup ?

    just recently bought a 20xe mini with f16 gearbox and quaife atb diff
    the driving clutch is slipping but new clutch in car, before gearbox removed i saw release bearing was keeping clutch slightly pressed
    whoever fitted conversion had washers fitted between bellhousing and engine
    it has flat type fly wheel and clutch looks brand new
    what is the correct fly wheel and clutch to use ,is it possible its the wrong fly wheel or clutch fitted ?
    any advise would be greatly appreciated

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    Check your release bearing and diaphragm cause I believe F16 ones are different to F20...maybe they were fitted wrongly
    Or if you have cable clutch your cable is over tighten...
    Some pics would help
    Quickly now, before I think it through!


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      The f20 bearing won't work because the inner diameter off the bearing is bigger than f16 the cable was let go completely
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        I use XE Flat flywheel f20 clutch plate and diaphragm , with either F16 or F18 clusters. But use F20 Casing. just swapped the diff and clusters over into the F20.
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          Cheers guys for the help, went with the f20 casing and just swapped everything over to it, working perfect now


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            Glad you got it sorted
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