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Rear brake cable guide

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  • Rear brake cable guide

    On the rear subframe of a mini , there is a piece which takes the 2 brake cables coming from the drums and guide them to the handbrake .

    This piece is welded in the middle of the rear subframe .

    Mine is totally rusted ,can you buy this piece or is there another solution , thanks for the info !

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    I guess that would be called the handbrake cable guide piece? I'm not sure anyone sells that part since it's a welded onto the subframe, but maybe try contacting one of the Mini parts suppliers that sells new manufactured subframes and see if there's a way to contact the manufacturer directly. They might be willing to send you just that bit. Although who knows where the new subframes come from. You might need to learn Chinese.


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      Call BMHL. Looks like they might be your source. If anyone has that piece it would likely be them.

      BMHL Subframe.jpg


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        Thanks all for the info , I think I will make a custom guide , I am to old to learn Chinese (referenz Red Riley )
        PS : Old Beetle cars use small bended tubes


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          I'll bet you could repurpose some cable guides made for motorbikes or just make your own. I would probably buy a couple of steel conduit elbows and cut out the inside of the bend and weld in place.


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            yes I give this a try !