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Fast road lower arm bush

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  • Fast road lower arm bush

    Hi ,
    I have some problems(language problem) to understand the fitting of these bushes .
    I know it is not rocket sience ....but I still have a problem .
    If I read the instruction , I have to put the lines on the bushes in a right way.
    If I look at the car from the front , should the line of the first bush ( nearest to the headlights) look to the wheel or to the centerline of the car ?
    Thanks for your help .

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    Sorry I can’t answer your question but I have asked the question directly to Simon from mini spares via the classic mini forum and I will forward on any response when I get a reply .


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      Hi Simon got back to me and this was his reply hope it helps

      In both cases the bushes need to be properly orientated to achieve the correct angle of fitment for the offset steel sleeves. The bushes are therefore marked with a fine line on the narrower side of the bush flange (check top and underside of flange). The front bush (nearest front of car) should be fitted with this line pointing down the centerline of the bottom arm towards the wheel. The rear bush should be positioned with it's line 180 degrees the other way, so pointing in towards the centerline of the car. Trial fit the bushes and bottom arm pin to the arm before fitting to the car - the pin should fit easily through. If the bushes are not correctly aligned the pin will not fit easily.