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  • Another wiring topic

    Morning everyone, Hopefully someone can help... I'm at the last stage of a 1.8 k series swap, out of a mgf 143. Unfortunately I can't get it to start. I have researched and used the wiring sticky, also Gazwad has sent over the photos and I have been looking at wiring diagrams.

    I have no spark, sometimes it does spark but the moment you turn the key back to position 2 it won't spark again.

    As it's an Mgf I have looked through the wiring diagrams etc, and connected the corrosponding wires to the ecu from the 5as:

    ​​​​​​B/W -TO ECU plug B/W wire
    Y/R -TO ECU plug Y/R wire
    B-To Earth
    Purple to Permanent Live
    White to Switched Live

    Clicked the key 4 times when connecting battery.
    5as responds.

    First question, do I need the mems relay?
    I am currently using the mini loom for starter and my own fuel pump. There for its not connected, is this causing me problems?

    ​I am using the mini key barrel, loom etc. I have wired in the k series loom seperate, and connected the lives to the starter, then put a fused live to ecu and 5as, switched live to ecu and 5as.

    The 5as is in the mini, the ecu is in the engine bay, do they need to be together?

    Hopefully someone's picks up on something I have missed.

    Many thanks

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    Unfortunately trying to sort wiring issues over the internet is a nightmare.

    But have you got the inertia switch (Y/G if I remember correctly) linked together?

    The relay you mention, is this the fuel pump one? if yes there are 4 relays in it. Not just fuel pump. Even an SPi Mini has this same box. Are you using the original one? I know this doesn't give you a spark but have you swapped the pump to a higher powered one?

    The 5AS is fine in the cabin as this is when most are as long as you have enough wire to connect it!

    If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.


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      Good news, I got my hands on the relay today, started the wiring process again and got her running.

      As an update for anyone that stumbles across this post. The issue also seemed to be that I had extended the wiring for the 5as, which was causing issues with the signal? Once connected direct to the wires, it solved the issues.