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    Hey all I have the chance to buy a 1998 MGF 1.8 would it be a suitable doner car to convert my clubby thanks
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    On Ebay there is a car or two and a Guy who sells the engines. I have the rear subframe complete with hubs and all hardware that I will sell, just shafts were cut. Most will tell you that Rover K Series is the way to go. It's tried and tested and loads of advice from members on here..
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      Originally posted by awuk View Post
      Hey all I have the chance to buy a 1998 MGF 1.8 would it be a suitable doner car to convert my clubby thanks
      To answer the question directly, yes it's a suitable donor BUT, there are better. A ZR or ZS. MGF's are cheap though so consider the costs from my statement here.

      First, if it's a 1.8 MPi not a VVC version, I will guarantee in under a year, you will want the VVC engine. I would opt for this now even if what you have been offered is cheap. Reason is the same amount of work is fitting a 120bhp engine vs fitting a 143 or 160bhp engine.

      Next is the question, are you planning on adapting a MGF frame to suit your Clubby, or are you going to buy a ready made one? Obviously making the frame means good welding skills are needed. A lot of people don't like using the MGF frame as it means cutting the valance off the front of the car and making a tapered forward one rather than the tapered back one as standard. If you're not using the MGF frame buying a MGF isn't any advantage.

      Next is fitment into a Mini. A MGF has it's engine at the back. It uses gear cables for the gear lever. You cannot use these for a FWD car. You want a ZR or ZS lever setup. The dipstick is wrong for a FWD car and will need swapping. The MGF hydraulic clutch can be used but space is very limited. The ZR has a cable and is much smaller. I used this in my Mini for 8 years. You will use the entire engine bay wiring loom. This can be adapted into your Mini loom. There is a guide on here how to do this.

      So, to sum up. You really are only going to use the engine and gearbox from the donor. My opinion is buy a FWD version. Tell who you are buying it from you want the gear lever setup and then you don't have a full car to dispose of.

      Hope this helps and doesn't seem negative!

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        Hi Andrew thanks for your reply it's not negative at all, basically I have a clubby shell on wheels with a steering wheel and nothing else so I can start fresh, im hoping to weld a frame and not buy a ready made one, im going to look at an mgf tomorrow it's a sound car and believe it to be a vvc and it's only £600 im also planning on using the seats and dash etc so seems like it might be a good buy