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1.8vvc engine placement help please

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  • 1.8vvc engine placement help please

    hi guys
    just starting my conversion and having trouble getting it under a standard round nose
    i have notched the bulkhead ,purchased a small alternator ,frame was brought from kjb frames modded to fit my mounts
    taken a few pics to show current state and cut up the old front end as to help with the mock up
    (timber by gearbox is because no sump mount )

    IMG_20211017_165011 by chris hatfield, on Flickr

    IMG_20211017_165022 by chris hatfield, on Flickr

    IMG_20211017_165140 by chris hatfield, on Flickr

    IMG_20211017_165035 by chris hatfield, on Flickr

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    Think mine sits a bit lower looks like the engine is pretty high, at least in the last pic


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      I had to move the whole pedal box back in order to re-shape the bulkhead enough to get decent clearance and had to cut off a lump on the engine block to get the alternator to sit closer to the block- It looks like you are using a bolt hole behind the alternator which will get in the way, i used the one above the alternator and 2 to the right of it. Also I modified the front panel so the lower lip behind the grill was about 10 mm further forward
      my build:


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        I have my alternator almost in the location, made some clearance on the front panel