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Down on power from 3000RPM onwards

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  • Down on power from 3000RPM onwards

    I've just got my Mini (VVC) on the road a few weeks ago, but I'm having a few issues with it.

    It developed a serious misfire and sounded like it was running on just 3 cylinders once it had warmed up. I've just replaced the injectors and pressure regulator today and the misfire has gone, but it is definitely down on power and it seems a bit hesitant, It's most noticeable from about 3000rpm upwards.

    I've done a reset of the TPS and have a scangauge connected, the readings from the sensors (temp, MAP, TPS) look about right.

    It feels to me like a fuel supply problem still.

    I've used a fuel filter from a 1.3 Nissan Micra. Do you think this is likely to be causing any problems?

    I've got hold of a pressure gauge to add to the fuel feed. I was going to set a camera up recording it and go for a drive. If not enough fuel is being supplied, the pressure should drop significantly.

    Has anyone got any other ideas of what might be to blame?


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    Do you know what it revs to? If you have the plugs on the wrong way on the vvc solenoid it limits the revs and I’m pretty sure will give you less power as well. Just a suggestion as it’s quite easy to muddle them up


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      Yeah, I did do some reading and that came up.

      Black, Brown, Blue is what I've got.

      It was originally a MEMS 2 143 engine that I've converted to use the MEMS 3 ECU. I can't remember exactly what I've swapped but I've got the VVC plugs in the order they should be on the 160 engine not the 143.

      And I've used the blue injectors from the 160, not the white ones.


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        Has it been down on power since you got it on the road or is this just something that’s happened since it developed the misfire?
        If it’s always been like that then could be the vvc mechs not timed up properly or out a tooth on the timing. Obviously this won’t be the case if it was running fine before


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          It's probably been like this from the start, the misfire was so bad it was almost undriveable when it happened, so I wouldn't have noticed this drop in power.

          I have got two new belts to go on at some point, so I'll check the timing then, cheers.



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            You say more noticeable from 3k up so does it idle properly?

            If not then more likely a coil pack. I know my son had a few on his that were sold as "good" but when he bought new, the issue went away.

            If the idle is poor then can you remove a HT lead to find which cylinder is misfiring?

            I would also suggest a compression test. It just eliminates the internals of the engine. Should all be over 150psi.

            If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.


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              I had a similar problem on my Honda B16 and it turned out I had put the MAP and Throttle position sensor plugs back to front, roughish idle and no pick up on power, I am not saying this is the case for yours as the plugs to each on yours may be different but on the Honda they are both the same.


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                It finally gave me an error code the other day P01521. It's to do with the VVC mechanisms.

                I'm convinced the wiring is correct, so belt timing and testing the cam position sensor are my next things to look at.