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engine starting?

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  • engine starting?

    Rights what's need to start the engine wiring wise?
    Engine is in place, coolant will be sorted this week hopefully.

    Obviously all engine connections made,
    Then so far i have fuse box, 5as, steering column, speedo all connected
    Using the standard ECU

    I'd at least like the speedo to light up and the engine to try start.

    In regards to the immobiliser do I need to click the fob unlock button before I try start it?
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    I think you just need to press the fob button until the red light on the speedo goes out, then the immobiliser is off.


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      Once all the connections are made you will need to press the fob lock button 5 times. You'll hear a faint click from the 5AS unit. Then you can press unlock and try to start the engine. You should hear the fuel pump prime once the unlock button is pressed and key is in ignition position. Then obviously the starter gets is going on final turn of key.

      You need to do this if ever you remove the battery or connections.

      Good luck! I know it was a lot of drama when mine first went in the Mini.
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        I managed to get a ECU that had been bypassed, £15 from Flea bay some time ago, it saved a lot of problems for me.