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  • bit of help

    hello any one that knows wot these 3 plugs r for .?

    first plus looks like it is coming from behind the inlet manifold area

    second plug in the engine bay

    3rd plug close to the 2nd plug

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    Can you confirm the wire colours?
    1st one looks like MAP sensor on the inlet manifold.
    2nd one, possibly heated rear screen.
    3rd one looks like the signal wires for the multi function relay.
    What car is the loom originally from?
    Originally posted by Burnard
    couldnt be bothered to stretch that far to pull it out.
    Originally posted by ardonfast
    Haz obviously don't like custard , my Mrs spits it out to!
    I love it


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      first one looks like speed sensor - not needed, second one looks like charcoal canister - not needed and third looks like mfru plug - needed
      my build: