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  • log book?

    right just wondering what other peoples times hav bn on getting back there log book from the dvla?

    i sent mine to them 0n th 14th may and still ent head any thing bk fom it.

    it was only to change the colour and engine code?

    any ideas

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    iirc it can take anything upto 6 weeks
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      Keep calling and pestering them, the more times they have to open your file the faster it will come.


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        Got mine back in a week with half the book missing due to sitting in a car, also got a colour change. Might be lost in the mail, had two of those before


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          Did you send off a covering letter from a local garage about the engine code change if not that could be your hold up as it will go to a different department.........
          When I sent mine off to get the engine code changed I enclosed copies of all my automotive qualifications, still wasn't enough they insisted on a covering letter from a local garage. First time I sent it off it took about 4-5 weeks, when I sent it back with covering letter it was back within two weeks all updated.



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            Originally posted by cooper_mark View Post
            iirc it can take anything upto 6 weeks
            Yep, its got nothing to do with what details your changing, its all to do with how much they got there end to go through

            I sent my first one off and got it back the following week asking for the additional details (paperwork) sent it back and got the new log book the following week

            Second time round I sent it off with all the relevant paperwork, they sent the new one to me after four weeks or so, like I said its got nothing to do with what your changing

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