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Any suppliers of k-series frame side plates?

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  • Any suppliers of k-series frame side plates?

    Does anyone or any where sell the side plates for mounting an mgf / metro frame to the mini? Also with the shock mounts for coil overs.

    If not, does anyone having the drawings for the dimensions?

    Also, any suppliers or drawings of the rear braces from subframe to floor?


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    watsons rally for your side plates think there around £50 quid but there is someone,s build with some dimensions on but hoping in next week to put my build together with them on.Tops for coilovers are easy come by its the bottoms you have to make this week going to take mine to fabricators to see if they can make me a set.


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      quick search and found................
      Think Twice Before Passing This Mini.....It Could Make U Look F**k**g Silly.....

      my beast


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        That's the pic i was after, cheers Mark.

        Also didn't know Watson's did individual parts, useful info thanks.


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          Anyone have the measurements of the hole centres?


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            make the brackets then when you think you have them in place spray paint through holes then drill best way unless your buying them.


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              Awesome, well done for posting that up. Although bolt hole measurements would be useful...
              1969 Mini Minus (GRP Body with 4inch body chop) Zcars Rwd R1 engine conversion.
              1985 Phoenix Estate (GRP Clubman Estate Body with ugly Reliant Rialto/Robin Hatchback and rear lights) DIY Pg1 subframe K-series conversion.


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                The bracket shown in the drawing is for a shock mounting, the photos in the rover guide notes on this site show a much bigger and wider mount for a coilover.


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                  Hello! New to the forum but done tones of reading/ looking at all your impressive builds! Just wondering if anyone has a better/ updated template for these? I’d just like to make sure that the subframe is in the correct position.