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  • New daily driver opinions.

    Looking at getting a new daily driver, not a great commute only 10 miles round trip, but as its our only car it has to do holidays and longer journeys too. Dont need anything big as there is just the 2 of us.

    Been looking at Seat Ibizas, but getting an FR or at least a 1.9 diesel Sport seems rather unlikely round here.

    Came across a Skodi Fabia VRS, 20,000miles on a 56 plate. Seems a nice car and bearing in mind that our current car is a Proton , we are not bothered by badges.

    Hopefully be taking it for a test drive over the weekend, but not used to a diesel .... last drove one about 20 years ago.

    Anything to look out for, or check in particular, or any reason other than the badge not to touch it with a barge pole?
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    I bought a Skoda Superb barge and have no complaints at all apart from the road tax £235! The VRS has much the same engine as the Ibiza FR diesel (might be same) as its all VAG. Those Ibizas look nicer and are a bit less tacky in my opinion.

    I'd never buy a petrol again for my main car especally good at the mo with petrol and diesel costing the same. Its all about the torque in a diesel, makes for an easy drive. Mine will do 45mph in 6th.

    My only concern would be depreciation with new models out for the Fabla and Ibiza prices for the old model will drop like a stone. As far as issues oily intercooler pipes is one I know about. Have look on the briskoda forum for any more issues.



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      Cheers. I've had a look at Briskoda, quite a useful place.

      Depreciation is not a huge concern as it would be kept for a good few years. We dont change cars until they fall apart! Tax is less than the old car, mpg better, and you can actually get a workshop/Haynes manual for it, unlike the Proton
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        get a nice rover, then you have interchangable cars comes in handy to referance my 200 to see what plugs and things do
        might have 16 valves but still a mini!


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          the vrs is a nice car! .. only real criticism of the vag motors is there electrics, they are prone to hard to troubleshoot random electronic failures, so if anythings suspect, liek no lights that shoudl be on when you first turn the key, leave it alone
          11.9@118 :)



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            Used to have an Octavia vRS, apart from coil pack failures it was spot on.


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              have a vw passat tdi brilliant car never let me down,the wife has a alfa romeo witch i bought her last year and have allready spent in excess of £1500 on it nice car lovley appeal but they have the dogiest electrics ever.hopefully at the end of the year we will part ex the passat on a new scirocco gt
              anymore projects and im a dead man so the wife say,s


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                If your not a badge snob then the IMO the Skoda is a good buy, its quick, handles fairly well and has loads of torque which makes for a nice road car thats good on motorways. A friend at work had one and has had no problems so far and he has had it chipped to 170bhp. The only thing I didn't like about them was the light coloured seats.


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                  Yeah those seats are a bit pale. But we dont have kids so potentially not too bad.

                  Not sure on price though. They want 8k for it which appears to be top whack, and dont seem willing to drop further.
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                    So Graham did you buy it ?

                    If you did what are your impressions of it ?

                    I am saving up to get a Fabia VRS as my daily driver next year so would be interested to hear your thoughts about it.

                    I love my mini


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                      No. never did get it Duck, or even have a drive of it.

                      Ended up with a 2 year old 17,000 mile, 2.0 Petrol Focus Zetec Climate 3dr. Not the most economical beast but better than what it replaced, and better value for money IMO. Also probably more suited to our journeys, which tend not to be long or on motorways. Added to the equation was the fact my Dad sold his van and replaced it with a Nissan Micra, so we now needed a bit more carrying capacity on occasion too!

                      If you want a VRS now though, there is the one I mentioned still available in Bath, and the place I got the Focus from has one with full leather. Quality wise there is little to fault from what I've seen.
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                        Originally posted by Geehawk View Post
                        Also probably more suited to our journeys, which tend not to be long or on motorways.
                        Personally I perfer the B roads which minis are really suited to


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                          I've only just started saving so it will be another 12 months before I can get one unfortunately.

                          You should have just got a trailer for the mini
                          I love my mini


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                            Originally posted by Geehawk View Post
                            No. never did get it Duck, or even have a drive of it.

                            Ended up with a 2 year old 17,000 mile, 2.0 Petrol Focus Zetec
                            Fantastic get the measuring tape and angle grinder out