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beginner to minis-wants a vtec

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    You should do a lot of reasearch. I have been only reasearching for a few weeks and know the cost of a car, all parts I will need, what engine, sub frame, and all. Just look on google and search this forum which has loads of juicy info.

    Im a 16 year old kid mate. Im sure you could do better than me!

    Ill give you a head start though. From what I know, b16 is your best choice for a round nose if you want it easy and cheap. Since a K series is larger, you will need to extend the front, which means you will need to get a new bonnet and paint it and fit it. A b16 would be a tight fit but will fit without needing to take apart the whole front end. If you find a clubby you might have even better luck, since there is more room (much easier to fit)

    Good luck,


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      Originally posted by Jeffreypang911 View Post
      Since a K series is larger, you will need to extend the front, which means you will need to get a new bonnet and paint it and fit it. A b16 would be a tight fit but will fit without needing to take apart the whole front end.
      Not true mate... No need to extend the front for a K series engine

      True, a clubman will give much more available space but it can certainly be done in a standard round nose.

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        First thing to know:

        1- Cost won't be sheap for any conversion, especially if you purchase the frame and not building it. VTEC Minis and cheap are totally opposites

        2- Easiest to go for would be Minitec MTB2 Frame kit BUT, get the complet kit with suspension, wiring, Pedal Kit, Intake silicone 45 deg elbows and etc..... This kit is expensive for poeple out of USA cause of shipping. But to me, it is the most complete kit out there. But don't be fooled, It is not as "Bolt On" as they say.

        3- First project ? Are you a Miniac or juste an average joe who thinks minis are cool. Unless you are a Miniac, this project will get you going crazy at times... Don't bit more then you can chew... Specificaly on a first project!

        Good luck anyway



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          Greg, There is lots to learn; one persons advice on this board is not enough. you should first get a Mini, learn to work on it from a Helms or Haynes Manual, Go to the various Honda forums and learn about the B, D, and K series engines that are popular for this swap. down load a Honda manual from the one you like best, and learn the basics, esp wiring and ECU.
          then you will have a basis for talking to other Honda/Mini owners to guide you through the swap requirements. There are several frame builders around the world that make this conversion, including us; "Alexander/Ramco". your choice will be first guided by your location. You don't want to pay 800$ for shipping and more for phone help during your build. in the States, it is now down to MT or us. We are west coast, they are east. If you are willing to purchase an extended glass front end, about 3.5" longer, your choices increase for the round nose models. Our conversion for the b-16, b-18, and b-20 engine does not require one. If you get a right hand drive car, you will have to change over to left, or use an extended nose and frame kit.
          the most popular Honda engine for this swap is probably the b series, most with the VTEC function. they came in Honda cars from 1989 to just recently, with the B-20 CRV. horse power, for b and k series engines ranges from 160 to over 200. More than you can get to the ground in a Mini.
          just within the B series line, there are many and varied differences that will affet your choice, depending on car model, year, and size; VTEC or non VTEC, engine/tranny mount differences, OD-0,1,or2 ECU clasifications that determine wiring, tuning options, sensors, injectors, distributors, and more. even the intake manifold model is critical to engine fit in non-extended cars.
          There are a thousand things to learn if you want to do this swap yourself.
          Finally, plan on spending at least 5,000$, plus the Mini, and more likely 6 to 8 thousand. The smaller,lower power D series lumps will only cut those figures by a grand or so.
          Good luck.
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            another thing to consider is insurance ! at your age you will struggle to get a decent quote or actually anyone wanting to insure you atall ! on a car of this breed !
            ring around to try to get a quote now see what they say ! at 18 i think you will struggle jobu on this site did for a while !

            you might struggle to insure a fast modified a series mini ! my a series van kills most things at the lights !

            have you had a quote on say a mg1300 engined mini with a k&n big wheels and arches? you will be shocked
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