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    Hi again, it all depends where I lock the pinch bolt, when I first put the gear selector rod back on i could get all gears but could tell things were not right ' stiff pushing into gear '. Since then I've moved the shaft loads off times and fastened the pinch bolt but to no avail. I've undone the locking nuts on the turnbuckle re adjust re tightened but still no luck. Like I stated in my earlier post I've undone the pinch bolt selected neutral at the gearbox inserted the 4.5 mm drill bit gone back inside placed the gear stick into what I think is neutral because mine is the early gearstick with no line up holes, pulled to the left and re tightened the pinch bolt and still I have no luck. Sometimes I can select First gear nicely but it won't go in second or some times I can't get reverse but on the whole when I adjust the gears they seem stiff when trying to select. Can you tell me the sequence you did to set up your gear shaft ?. Chris.


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      Any chance of some pictures, like of the gear crate? I think I have the early crate like you. Mine was from an early F reg ASTRA GTE 16V. I think there is a little mark on the gear crate, but you cannot lock it in any place, like you say. I think I remember that the sweet spot for me was to have the gear stick slightly forward of the little mark and I wedged something in the mechanism to keep the gearstick approx 3/4 across the crate. Then tightened it up. I feel your pain man. I could probably get to my car later this week and take a look under the gaiter...
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        Cheers for that Birdman, like you say I too think my crate is from the early Astra GTE I will look tomorrow to see if there is a locating mark on the crate. The missis says can you come and fix it for me as I'm driving the family crackers with my mood swings and tails of woe.