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HI thanks for accepting me.

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  • HI thanks for accepting me.

    Hi as the title says many thanks for accepting me.Ive got a mini and its got the original 998 engine in.I would like to put a more modern, powerful and reliable engine in.Ive got reasonable garage and fabrication skills so will be reading as many builds as possible for inspiration and advice.hopefully you’ll be able to guide me and advise me.

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    Hello there. 😎

    Have you an engine in mind?

    If not what is the car going to be used for as this could determine which is best.

    An idea of budget too. You know what ever you intend to spend, it will likely double and then double again before you are finished...

    If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.


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      No not really,I’ve looked at quite a lot of build threads and there’s pros and cons to them all.The mechanicals and fabrication doesn’t worry me too much its the electrics that I’m not so clued up on.I would like something that offers good performance and reliability.I haven’t got a budget to be fair ill just pay as I go along,if it needs it it will get it.I’m looking forward to the challenge and the knowledge on here is amazing so any advice will be gratefully received.


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        So you haven't really answered the question about it's use. The car has to be built totally different if it's going touring vs a full race car!

        Power wise, it's not really worth doing the conversion if 100bhp cannot be achieved in my opinion.

        The Nissan Micra engine can get that. Very robust, light and gearbox is suitable for small wheels. It can be tuned to around 130bhp. A subframe would need to be fabricated.

        The Rover K series engine in VVC form has either 143 or 160bhp. Great light weight engine and a popular conversion with subframes ready made. Gearbox can be sourced to suit small wheels.

        Honda B series is possibly most desirable. It's the most money too. Power from 160bhp upwards. It's heavier than the last 2. The gearbox in my opinion revs too much for small wheels. A final drive can be bought to sort this but last one I saw for sale was £400. Subframe can be bought ready made.
        If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.


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          Sorry about that I’ve just re read it and realised.It’s going to be a second car used for the odd track day,going to meets and of course the odd spirited road use of course adhering to legal speed limits lol..Looking through a lot of the build threads seems to be steering me towards the rover k series.Do you think that would be a reasonable choice for availability,cost and ease of fitting.many thanks.


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            The Rover K series is a very well tried and tested engine to fit. Leave the head gasket jokes because the engine can be bought much less than other makes, enough that if it was an issue, it can be budgeted for. Modern gaskets are better quality than original ones. Meaning that once it's done, it should last the life of your car.

            Most on here use the PG1 gearbox with that engine. Parts to get the gearing very similar to the original car on smaller wheels are easy to come by. The PG1 is used on the more powerful cars and has an easy life in a Mini. An LSD can be fitted which gains massively with grip..I can help with choosing something suitable. 0 to 60 times under 6 seconds are common. My Honda Civic type R is 6.2 as comparison.

            Gazwad on here makes a wiring loom to suit your Mini with the engine loom, ECU and alarm module built in. It is worth the cash to save hours of headaches!

            Building a subframe needs to be good quality welding. Custom driveshafts are required if using a Mini based frame.

            Reading some of the build diaries will help too.

            If tha does owt fo nowt, olas do it fo this 'en.


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              Thank you very much Andrew you’ve been more than helpful,I’m amazed at the amount of knowledge there is on the forum.I have read a lot of your posts and find them really helpful.I’m on nights if you haven’t all ready sussed it with the late replies and questions lol.My sons got a civic type r.its the mk2.he’s had it turbod its absolutely scary.he had it set up on Dyno on avgas and it made i believe 475bhp.I think he’s had it reset now to run on pump fuel.I ride motorbikes but that thing scares me more than anything.
              all the best Kev