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  • Newbie from Thanet

    Hi everyone, just joined the forum.

    Apologies but this seems to have turned into a rather long introduction.

    I bought my first Mini in 1986, an 'N' reg Mini Clubman, can't remember the details, but it ended it's life in a rather bad accident due to another driver, the car ended up being a diamond shape, luckily I'd welded in new floor pan and sills the week before, otherwise I doubt I'd be walking, luckily all five of us escaped either unscathed or with just bruises.

    Mini number 2 was another early 'L' reg Clubman, which I'm sure I fitted a 1300GT engine from a Morris 1300GT, with twin SU's, RC40 exhaust, 3 branch manifold and I'm sure a high lift cam. It was a very quick car, and we had lots of fun. It was sold to my brother sometime in the late eighties I think. I used to go to lots of Mini shows in it, remember doing Doncaster once, I know I've got old photo albums (remember them?) with loads of pictures of Mini's.

    I then purchased a Cortina for my daily drive, and also a Mini Clubman as a project car. I had put a 2000cc Fiat Twin Cam in my brothers Lada (huge fun to drive ), and also one in an Escort for a friend, and as I'd got board of the A series engine and it was going to be very expensive to get more power - 16 valves heads and 5 speed boxes were available but very expensive.

    So I decided to go a different route, back then the Fiat Twin Cam was a very popular engine, so I hatched a plan, went to the breakers and removed the engine, gearbox and front sub frame from a Lancia Beta 2ltr. This was all installed in the rear of the Mini, it did actually drive as well. My brother and I always intended to do the Italian Job run in it.

    Then in 1992 the company I worked for as a mechanic closed down, I had enjoyed free use of the workshop as and when I wanted - I spent most weekends there. They owned another local company which made kitchens, the Mini was stored in the yard there for some years. I got another job as a mechanic, but being new there the Mini was never taken there, and at some point after 1994 it was moved into the garage at my newly purchased house.

    At this point the Mini was pretty much forgotten (but always at the back of my mind), as the house required a huge amount of work, then I met my wife, renovated her house, then we had kids, bought another house together which I've extended and done even more work on including building my own home cinema room. All this time the Mini has been stored in the garage, well two different garages.

    Anyway our house is almost done (no intention of moving for a long time), although there is still lots of odd jobs to do and never enough time, but no major building works any more. So whilst on holiday the other week I started looking into the Mini seen again, and I was amazed to find you could buy subframes to fit Honda VTEC engines as well as others, even rear sub frames to make a 4 wheel drive Mini (I'd so love VTEC AWD), and I'm so pleased to see the Mini community is so alive.

    The poor Mini is rather buried in one of my garages under all the left overs from years of house renovation and extensions, but hopefully this year or next I'll be able to get back to working on her. It will certainly need a cam belt change , is probably seized as well as it hasn't been run for who knows how long, I used to start it regularly. Anyway that doesn't matter as it will get rebuilt and tuned, or more likely a VTEC fitted instead.

    My job is a workshop manager for a haulage company, but I'm still very hands on and do a lot of the fabrication and welding as well.

    So some of you might of noticed that I started my project around 1990, can't be sure of the specific date but I bought the car in December 1989, so come December that will be 30 years ago and it is still not finished, and to think the wife complains I take to long with they DIY

    Can't promise any updates, but I will start a build thread with some pictures, and add others as I find the albums and scan the photos.

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    Welcome, Always good to see new projects so keep us all updated, lots of pictures please
    Best advice I can give you is do lots of research, go through the build diaries and know what you want before you start,
    Plan it all out and gather up the parts, good luck

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      Thanks for the welcome, I've been reading quite a few build threads, and making a list of useful information - it doesn't stay in my memory long these days.


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        I'm trying to create a build thread, but I'm really struggling with photo's.

        I have my own web space, but the photos just doesn't show, I'm guessing because its not https.

        I have a paid photo bucket account, but the pictures end up huge, and I have a 27" monitor so they'll be enormous on a tablet or phone

        Or I could post a thumb but then you need to go to Photobucket to view them along with all the advertising, far from ideal.

        This morning I created both a Flickr and Imgur accounts, but frankly I can't really get my head around organising my photos in Imgur

        Imgur seems to give the best options as per the above picture, I just need to work out how to organise my pictures there so I can find them more easily in the future. More Googling required but currently my head hurts.

        I suppose I'm used to most forums resizing pictures automatically, but I'm guess that's not happening here?

        Here's a link to my cinema build.


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          Tapatalk app on my phone works good for me, the images are auto sized but not the best quality of you want to zoom in

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