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Engine Swap Weight and Dimensions Query

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  • Engine Swap Weight and Dimensions Query

    Apologies if the following query has been asked many times previously, though based on others experience in Mini engine swaps am interested to know roughly how the weight and dimensions of Rover K-Series, Suzuki G (4-cylinder), Nissan MA, Nissan CG and Nissan CR engines compare to the existing classic Mini’s A-Series engine to get a better idea of the options available for smaller 4-cylinder swaps?

    It is my understanding that out of the engine swaps mentioned above only the Nissan CG and Suzuki G (4-cylinder) stand out the most in being relatively straightforward conversions, albeit with some caveats with regards to gearboxes and only certain engine specifications (e.g. no Suzuki G16 swaps AFAIK).

    Also heard the odd Nissan MA swap being quite straightforward despite being an older design, whereas am unable to find any examples of Nissan CR roundnose Mini swaps (only Clubmans so far). Despite being a common conversion from reading the Austin Memories page on the Minki project, it was fascinating to see it revealed during the original 1992 project the K-Series 4-cylinder was actually bigger than the existing A-Series in terms of length though notwithstanding the presumed lightness of the K-Series it is not mentioned how they both compare in width and height.

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    This is a start, I’m sure there’s lots of topics on this, not sure on the dimension side of things, not the easiest thing to measure
    My mini has got nothing to prove so nothing to lose