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Custom Drive Shafts - Circlip Groove Too Shallow

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  • Custom Drive Shafts - Circlip Groove Too Shallow

    I have a set of bespoke driveshafts that have been sat for a few years while I collect parts and find the time to build my Mini Conversion up. Just started getting everything dry-fitted and discovered that the grooves added to the Mini spline to allow the metal clip to lock the drive shaft into the CV joint have not been machined correctly.

    These need to allow the clip to recess below the bottom of the spline valley, but the clip sits a fraction proud of the top of the spline, so there's no way to fit the shafts with the clip. I assume running them without the clip at all is a bad idea, so I need to sort them out.

    Can they just be sorted on a lathe fairly easily, or do they need to be heat soaked and then rehardened after machining? I'm way out of my comfort zone on this, so any advice gratefully received!


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    If it's just a case of the groove needing to be very slightly deeper then a decent machine shop should be able to do this on a lathe (they may need to use a carbide tool if the driveshafts are hardened). There shouldn't be any need for heat treatment.
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      Thanks, I really hope it's that simple! Checked all the grooves today, they all need to be redone.


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        Actually seen people use driveshafts without the circlip. Usually they don't machine the groove into the shaft as that's the point it snaps when under too much stress.

        Obviously it needs to be long enough to not fall out when turning and on full drop, but not be tight when sat flat. It's much harder to get the length correct without the clip!
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