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  • AWD Mini !

    As seen over on Retro Rides..

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    Heard mention on here that they were building this, IIRC its minimania that did it?

    Looks good and should be good BUT the only thing that would worry me is mention in some places that the CRV 4WD boxes are as UNreliable as the scenic RX4 boxes with failures at less than 50k, +more power and there could be trouble....

    so whos going to be first one to build one over here?

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      A little vid of them testing it

      This is some of the testing that we have been doing with the AWD Mini.More videos and information coming soon!!Sorry about the music.... just hit the mute bu...


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        Cool car, it sure has the power to the ground.....

        But hey! What up with the lame music?????



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          Wayne, Is the CRV box weak? At least it'll only be pushing at least half the weight around so might not be a problem if it's strength related.


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            Does anybody know what rims it has?

            I really like those!


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              My build site of MiniTec's prototype AWD Mini. Enjoy!

              1,700 lbs and AWD...UNDER CONSTRUCTION!


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                Originally posted by superdougy View Post
                My build site of MiniTec's prototype AWD Mini. Enjoy!

                Amazing I want one


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                  How does it drive / handle for such a SWB AWD car? does it feel stable at high speed?

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                    Still under construction so I haven't driven it yet.
                    1,700 lbs and AWD...UNDER CONSTRUCTION!


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                      My mum has an Audi a3 quattro. They are very short cars compaird to the a4 for example. And that has 255bhp and handles bloody great. I wreckon it's wheel base is only about a foot longer than a mini.
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                        Originally posted by chris alderman View Post
                        My mum has an Audi a3 quattro. They are very short cars compaird to the a4 for example. And that has 255bhp and handles bloody great. I wreckon it's wheel base is only about a foot longer than a mini.
                        Id say about a 1.5 feet. Its a little wider too, which helps. But still its a fair point.


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                          I used to own on of these:-

                          They are 11ft long and barely wider than a Mini with 4wd and it was brilliant despite the tall and soft suspension. These were even prepared for a one-make rally series back in the late 90's - Google "Avanzato Rally Car"

                          If you are worried about short wheel base and 4wd, dont !! Japan has been producing tiny cars with 4wd for decades (known as Kei-Cars or K-cars) and they are brilliant - Google them or go check them out on GT3 !!

                          As I've said on other threads about 4wd I also hillclimb a 4wd Daihatsu Sirion (upto 1400cc production saloons) and it blitzed the Hill record by 5 seconds and in the process also beat the 1401-2000 by half a second, the car was neutral and had grip far beyond my talents. I've also taken it on a track day and was matching Bini Cooper S's and new Golf GTis (2lt turbo) - oh and my Sirion is only a turbo charged 713cc - what it lost on the straights it more than gained through the corners and that was the advantage 4wd gave.

                          With my small car/4wd experience I would have no hesitation building a 4wd mini (and be more than happy to use the viscous coupling to the rear which all my 4wd cars have had)
                          Watsons frame in a standard length front, they said it was impossible ...

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                            I think this might of been its fore-runner.....

                            ......."Collectable Classic Suzuki. 1988 RS-R WORKS. Suzuki NZ only sold one of these and I believe this is the only one in NZ. Recently had following work done, new exhaust, rebuilt turbo, rebuilt transaxle, new clutch, engine seals & gaskets, new water pump, cam belt, recon alternator, front brakes, CV boots, spot lamps, alarm, head deck & speakers and new Yokohama tyres.
                            This car handles awesome considering when it was built and power from such a small motor is almost unbelievable.
                            Engine is 543cc DOHC 4 valves per cylinder with oil cooled pistons, red line is 9,500rpm. Turbo charged with intercooler.
                            Gearbox is 5 speed manual 4WD (& 2WD selected under car on transfer case. Mags are genuine Works, car was brought in by Suzuki NZ in 1988 and did car shows and then rounds of the dealers before going to original owner. Probably the smallest performance car in the world".....

                            Turbo DOHC 4WD and only 543cc!!!!!!! Strewth!


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                              Does any one know what back box mintec are using?
                              "A mini is a mini" have a brew and think about it