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S80 Gearbox/LSD with Mintec FD

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  • S80 Gearbox/LSD with Mintec FD

    Stored for a number of years, with the quieter Mintec FD(believe it was a 3.47 FD ?), fitted by Mattg to a gearbox when he was running the 16vminishop. This is not the watsons FD.

    Pretty rare in the UK(or it was when I was last involved with minis!)

    Open to offers, but ideally around £ collected.
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    Hi, any photos + evidence of it having a 3.47fd?
    Also location for collection?


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      Hi, based in shropshire but may be able to arrange something.

      Heres pictures of gearbox showing LSD:-

      IMG_2658.jpg IMG_2660.jpg IMG_2664.jpg IMG_2657.jpg

      it was taken off Dodgers integra type r 16vmini that was built up by MattG at the 16vminishop, when he was fitting allspeed frames at his shop.

      IIRC Mattg imported the FD from USA and had it fitted to Dodgers mini as part of the conversion. I bought it from Dodger when he broken his mini(rust issues). You can see the rear allspeed mount still on the gearbox.😉

      I was going to replace the gearbox on my watsons vtec mini, which I had fitted with the watsons 3.4 FD/LSD due to watsons FD being a noisy FD on overrun in the main. Dodgers/this LSD gearbox has the quiet Mintec FD.

      Then life got in the way and had it in storage since, now almost sold all the other parts and come to terms with this is never going to be fitted.

      You can confirm the above with Mattg, it was Mattg who bought my attention to the sale. Only other way is to take apart the gearbox, and I would not do that unless a large deposit has been paid tbh but would be happy to refund if the FD was not the 3.47, once I take it apart.

      Hope that helps ?
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        thanks for the reply and info. my B18c4 mini is nearing completion at mechanics... Stock s9b gearbox atm but I was going to look at changing up the fd in future.

        I'll have a think!