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    Originally posted by mini_glen View Post
    bit of a random question i know but, is it not necessary to use brace bars with the allspeed frame?

    Err... i hope not!

    Rob didnt mention them when i ordered the gear. Doesn anyone else know?


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      you only need brace bars if you using a flip/removable front. not necessary if you're keeping the welded front end.

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        Just a little update...

        The wiring is progressing nicely, ive only a few bits left to do now:-

        Engine Cooling Fan.
        Dashboard Wiring (Accwell and Auxilliary Gauges)
        Interior Heating fan.
        Finish the loom for the Cibies

        Rear wheel cylinders.

        It'll soon be MOT time once this sodding wiring is done. Im getting sick of it now.


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          Engine cooling fan - done
          Interior heating fan - done

          Its getting tantalisingly close now!


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            Do you have any idea how long the conversion will take you overall?


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              AMP - The engine conversion itself was completed some time ago.

              However, the wiring loom had been completed butchered by the previous owner (scotchlocks everywhere, split insulation, burned out wires etc) so i decided to make up a full loom up from scratch.

              As well as the engine conversion, i also replaced / upgraded:-

              Brake lines
              Fuel Lines
              Front Suspension
              4 Pot Calipers
              Wheel Bearings
              Ball Joints

              I thought that i might as well make a proper job of it, so i took my time and replaced more or less everything!

              Time permitting, it should be complete in the next few weeks.


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                Finally its done!!! It needs a bit of a wash though, but sadly the dog has chewed through the hosepipe

                I just need to take it for an MOT on Monday, then thats it apart from carpets and some sound deadening.


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                  Congratulations! You must feel pretty good right about now. You should really replace that chrome locking strip in your windshield rubber. Then it would look really sharp.
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                    Excellent! Bet you are chuffed. Agree with TurboMini about the windscreen rubber locking strips though!

                    And where are the engine bay pics?

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             jayare and TurboMini said change your rear and front rubber locking strips aprt from that lookiiiing good.......
                      ow yeh engine bay pics.....
                      or u still hiding the A lump in there....
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                        Thanks for the comments guys. As a matter of fact, i do have a new chrome locking strip somewhere in the garage. I really need to replace that sh**ty looking one!



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                          Well done Mike, I know you will enjoy it, now we need some video footage

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                            So did it go thru the test then?

                            Did you put brace bars on it in the end as I see your front end is removeable?

                            Cheers - John
                            Originally posted by apbellamy
                            I've got 3 long studs in my hand.


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                              Originally posted by NudgerSS View Post
                              So did it go thru the test then?

                              Did you put brace bars on it in the end as I see your front end is removeable?

                              Cheers - John
                              Hi John,

                              I havent done the MOT test yet. I had to take time off to fix my brothers car earlier in the week (which didnt bloody happen!), plus i noticed a couple of faults on the mini, so i postponed it.

                              Maybe next week for the MOT, if i can get some peace of mind of these issues.

                              In answer to your question John, no i havent fitted brace bars. My front end is steel, and bolted on so its not really removable. Its more semi removable
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                                Thats fine if you panels were originally bolted on but i'm pretty sure you need them otherwise. Just some inch box section bolted on to top of inner wing and down to the front of the subframe will suffice. Some testers dont think brace bars are safe but think most would rather have them than not

                                cheers - john

                                BTW The car looks sweet. Love your 2up 2down cibies n the way the back end looks squat down like its ready to launch
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                                Originally posted by apbellamy
                                I've got 3 long studs in my hand.