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1800 8v big block

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  • 1800 8v big block

    .....i have been searching but cant find a straight 100% answer
    i need more than a yeah should fit answer lol
    but will this fit a standard round nose Mini?
    im not a fan of extended front ends at all

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    I was expecting the start of your build thread given that you posted in the build thread section.

    There have been lots of builds in standard length bullnose Mini's over the years, even the C20XE engines have been squeezed in. Not to say that it hasn't been challenging for the builder to find room especially with the 16V engine.

    I'll give you another example


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      I typed a long reply, but database timed out so lost it
      Whale Oil Beef Hooked!
      (use Irish accent)


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        thanks stu sorry to hear that birdman


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          Why use 1800 big block they were rubbish. 2.0 8v 1.6 8v 1.6 16v 1.8 16v or 2.0 16v. Matt wasted his time yrs ago 2.5 v6. If you want useable power 1.6 8v with nitrous. See most of these boys on here off
          [email protected]