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1986 C16SE Allspeed build

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    Small update with a slight change of plan, built E16SE engine is now up for sale.

    Got one of these to go on.


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      we like turbos
      Mini Restoration on YouTube, donate to club running costs : [email protected]


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        Read a few Nova builds and got inspired.

        Is a GT1752 meant for a Saab, a lot of people run them on A series engines with good results. Is only a little guy so should spool up quick.

        Im hoping I can get away with putting a new flange on the existing cast manifold like this, maybe rotated 180 degrees to clear the engine mount

        From here made 187bhp on 1 bar of boost on a 1.4 8v.

        If not will go for a log style manifold.

        Oil take off just tee off the oil pressure sensor.
        Oil drain will have to tap into the sump.
        Will add an oil cooler, may need to relocated oil filter.
        Fueling got the Speedunio stand alone ECU, also got redtop injectors, Walbro 255 and a AEM wideband
        For compression ratio I'm going to use a decompression plate, read a few builds where they worked out fine. Courtenay used to sell a turbo kit for this engine that used one.
        Intercooler is a tricky one, don't really want to hang it out the grille, considering mounting one next to the engine opposite side to where a standard mini rad goes.
        Standard actuator is at 8psi (about 0.6 bar) which should be a good place to start.
        probably put a cheap blow off valve on as well but not sure it's necessary
        Exhaust should be able to chop up a Saab downpipe and join to existing exhaust, might be a little quiet though


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          Was not possible to fit the turbo on the end of the standard exhaust manifold so will be using a log manifold. Made from exhaust flange from Ashley Exhausts, they were happy to sell me just a flange and some pipe from Dave Fab. Also using a T3 to T2 adapter, t3 end cut off and welded to manifold.

          To lower the compression ratio I have a cometic head gasket, standard thickness is 1.27mm this is 2.18mm (0.089") should drop compression ratio from 9.8 to about 8.9, if my calculations are correct.

          Intercooler wise, a normal air to air wouldn't fit so I am going for a water to air set up also known as a charge cooler. Got a Bosch 0392022002 water pump, some hose off amazon (is clear so will need a nice colour coolant), a barrel charge cooler from AliExpress and huge Mishimoto transmission cooler for the rad.

          From what I've read these types of coolers are best over something like a small motorbike rad, coolant rads are designed to cool from almost boiling to much less than that but never close to ambient which is what you want intake temps to be. The water in a charge cooler setup is never that hot so coolant rads are not very effective. If you look at the fins on a charge cooler rad they are much finer more like a oil cooler, but the only ones you can buy are massive (and expensive). I read a book called Maximum Boost by Corkey Bell and it has a calculation for rad and pump size, this should be about right. Also saw a video on YouTube where someone used a much smaller trans cooler on a MX5 and it worked well.

          Still need to get a reservoir tank and maybe a fan. This should all fit in the engine bay.

          If I've got anything wrong please let me know.


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            Nice, just make sure you do your research with regard to charge cooling, if I've got the right thread then the following one is an interesting read.


            Other option if you have air con system is an inter chiller



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              Just read through the thread, really nice tidy work you've done, nice job.