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1986 C16SE Allspeed build

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  • 1986 C16SE Allspeed build

    So i have cheated a little bit and bought a mini that is already converted. I bought it in July without viewing it first . Here's a picture from eBay.

    Heres' the spec from the advert:

    C16se engine on a diesel gearbox to give acceptable top end/engine revs
    Rose jointed adjustable front end
    All round Hi Los
    4 pot Vented metro brakes
    Standard wheels and tyres, adds to the shock value taking off from the lights
    Two bucket seats with 4 point harnesses,no other interior
    Opening rear windows changed for fixed
    The wings and front panel are all in one and removable,as is the bonnet landing panel,separately,to aid future engine removal
    New doors skins, and bottom 4ish inches of the door frames ,
    New A panels,
    New wings,
    Front panel,rear lip of boot floor, back under bumper panel and closing panels,rear sections of back wings
    Heritage rear subframe 6 year ago
    No Filler
    This has been an ongoing project and is taxed tested and insured, but not been used since February, when the alternator packed up ,another one from a Suzuki swift was fitted,

    I got on the train to Sheffield and met the seller Paul.

    Train seats were a bit snug

    Car was actually as solid as described which was a massive relief as I had booked a one way ticket!

    Paul gave me a run through of everything on the car, offered many cups of tea, gave me a load of spares and a big box on mini magazines and I was on my way.

    It also came with a big box of recipes including the original bill of sale! Are even a few old for sale signs, it sold once for £130 another is £3500

    On the way home

    Money shot

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    So the first job is to sort the paint, it has been resprayed and is not in great shape, is flaking off in places. Will also be nice to have it all one colour.

    And so it begins.

    Sand off all the old paint.

    Red oxide primer.


    making progress

    And filler primer on top


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      So like most sunroofs this one leaks, I'm not a fan of it so out it goes.

      Wasn't too sure how to go about this as I didn't fancy welding a new roof in. Decided to go for a fibre glass roof, I don't want to have to fit a roll cage so it will be bonded on top of the old roof once the sunroof is removed. Is bit of a compromise but the best of a bad bunch.

      Roof was a bit of a tight fit in a Peugeot 208.

      Roof in place and starting to take shape.

      Had to take quite a lot of paint off to get it smooth, I now regret the red oxide but we live and we learn!

      So the inside of the bonnet and boot were covered in some kind of glue holding on sounds proofing and god knows what kind of paint. The bonnet especially it would not budge, paint stripper, wire brush, nothing would move it. I realised even if I could get it off it would never be smooth! I didn't want to spend a huge amount of time on them so this is my solution.

      I used some hammer effect metal paint. I had the choice of black or silver, thought silver would be easier to paint over.

      I've never used this kind of paint before and it's pretty cool how it goes on like normal gloopy paint and then shrinks up like its been hammered! Was cheap from Toolstation as well.

      With regular primer on top, not so shiny.


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        Up next is the welding, it needed both door steps (big cloud off white filler when sanding these down), one full outer sill (also had some filler in but kind of expected as the other one has been done), holes from many different sets of arches welding up and a patch in the floor. Not too bad!

        Old one had about 3 patches and loads of holes so whole thing came out

        Both sides all done

        poorly sill

        looks alright inside

        Dodgey patch

        Not got a picture of the final sill on but it looks good!

        Old arch holes all gone


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          Next steps are finish paint prep and respray in Smoke Grey BU15, will be using cellulose. Some of the stone chip is bright blue this will be black as will the inside of the arches, sills will be blue as though.

          Inner wings will be coming out as they aren't actually connected to anything as the front end is removable, they have already been chopped in places.

          Then I have some cooper s brakes and some 5x10 minilites, will not be fitting arches.

          Also have some new lowered spax shocks as it is still on standard shocks! Geometry needs sorting as is miles out atm.

          Interior it will be getting centre 3 clocks, and a rev counter. I have a Harness bar from Jon Betts, some speedwell classic buckets and some Sabelt 4 point harnesses. Also have various bits of trim.

          Exterior MK1 grill will be staying, have some over riders to go on and a few other bits of trim. A speedwell badge for the bonnet and some stick on plates.

          Engine has developed a slight top end knock that will need sorting out as well.


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            Progressing well mate. Keep it up.


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              fair doo,s bazz, love the one way ticket bit big balls
              "yuck ,more like a 3 r2"


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                Hi there
                I am thinking about putting a fibre glass roof on my mini wot did you use on the mini to bold it on with


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                  Originally posted by Richie13 View Post
                  Hi there
                  I am thinking about putting a fibre glass roof on my mini wot did you use on the mini to bold it on with
                  I used sikaflex, you can also use tiger seal

                  I got the roof from TDK racing


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                    Cheers mate


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                      Here's a picture of the finished sill.

                      Will eventually be painted the same colour a the body.

                      Outside is almost there only a few little lumps and bumps left.

                      Has needed a little skim of filler places where some patches have been welded in.

                      Removed the top dash cover as I will be fitting centre clock. Was a bit of pain to get off as two out of three nuts just kept turning, managed to chop one end off and get an angle grinder on the bolts. Other problem is it looks like we weren't the first to try and remove it, but whoever tried last just pulled on it so it's a little bent, should straighten out OK though.

                      Started on sanding back and priming the rest of the interior.

                      Is only the first coat with rattle cans. Will give it one more flat it back, then go over with cellulose primer with a spray gun before top coat.
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                        So front end is off as we are really not happy with the fit, there is quite a big gap between the front panel and the wings and the whole thing is going to take a lot of fettling to fit close to well, was kind of hidden by the multi coloured panels. The wings are heritage and will be fine to use again, will use heritage A panels and a pattern front panel (they are just as good). Using a pre 76 (I think) front panel as these are solid mounted at the front so a bit easier to make removable.

                        Strange thing on the inner wing, look like a piece has been chopped out and welded back in a different way round.

                        Chopped the inner wings completely off, as the front end is removable they don't attach to anything, will be adding some brace bars instead. Rest of the inner wing is stripped back.

                        Inner arches now treated re seam sealed and primed, will be stolen chipped and painted in top coated. Front end all done, just needs A panels welded on and brackets making.

                        Got some new wheels, are in the bath because they were muddy!

                        People sometimes find strange things inside cars they are restoring, how about this?

                        Someone missing a cane?


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                          It's probably a Dipstick! For checking fuel level!


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                            The sill the previous owner replaced is missing a section and not in the best of shape.

                            had to chop a bit out

                            and all finished, had to do a couple of extra welds along it as well, but looks good as new now

                            Rear inner arches are getting same treatment as the front although were not quite as solid.

                            The holes were hidden with filler, was fairly fitted to had to shop out some quite big sections to get metal thick enough to weld to. Had to drop the rear subframe to get access which is a bit of a pain. Also needed a small patch in the boot.

                            Car is now 100% rust free and ready for paint prep.

                            Main things that still need doing are make and fit brace bars, relocate and fit new radiator (got a alloy MPI rad that is thicker than standard), make brackets and fit front end, check door alignment with new front end, bonnet will be on pins so need to make mounts and remove the bracing, mount harness bar and probably a lot more but these are next on the to do list.


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                              Boot floor is now all solid and painted, Subframe has also been painted

                              Got the doors and the A panels all lined up

                              And some cut and shutting to get the front all lined up nicely