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    Despite as I said in the previous post that my welding is not fantastic, I was happy enough to build the steel removable front end. For those wondering why we have not gone fibreglass....ask Motorsport UK....who say you can not use a fibreglass front panel for rallying!!

    First time I have welded panels together, so not 100% and next time I would be better, hopefully I don't bend it too often though! I also rattle can sprayed it...

    I built it using the old A series subframe as a guide as it gave me something to attach the front panel to. This necessitated removing the engine and Allspeed frame again, but I don't think I would have ever got it right trying to fit round the Allspeed straight off.

    When I eventually got the allspeed frame back in it took a lot of fettling to get the front end to fit again. I used post 1976 heritage panels for rubber mounted subframe and found that I had to do a lot of cutting, bending and re-welding around the front mount to enable the front to go back far enough. It also required (as Allspeed say) a new hole drilling in the front panel to line up with the hole in the subframe. Maybe pre '76 panels may have been easier?


    And with new lights and grill fitted!


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