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The Yello One - Rally Car Build

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  • The Yello One - Rally Car Build

    Hi all, Been meaning to start a thread for ages. My son and I have another mini that I have owned for over 30 years, which we rebuilt and have had back on the road for about 4 years. That one is a traditional A series.

    I have always been into rallying (marshaling and spectating) but about 3 years or so back I bought an old 106 Rallye and my son and I rallied it on single venues for a couple of years.

    However, we then spotted the subject of this build thread on a well known internet site and within no time it was in our garage, much to my wife's joy!

    It then took us a while to sell the 106 and then started the debate as to what to actually do with this new shell? Realising that our budget was always going to limit us to local single venue sealed surface events and that also we couldn't afford a competitive A series engine we decided on a K series. Still Rover group and we could remain in the up to 1400 cc class. There are some very quick expensive cars in the 1400's, but this becomes even more so in the 1600 class and above.

    OK so my attempt at using Flickr wasn't too successful. So first pictures are on my next post!!
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    1st picture doesn't work, but the others do, says you have to be signed in, I don't have an account


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      Thanks for your reply Phaeton. Now trying Tapatalk app!

      This is the shell as we bought it, but didn't have any rear suspension at that point, it was an ex hill-climb car and also did not have any rear lights. The apertures were plated over.

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        So as mentioned in my last post the rear lights had been removed, as had the light retaining brackets and the apertures had been covered with aluminium plates that were pop-riveted in place, as per first photo. So plates removed, rivet holes welded, new brackets made up, resprayed and replacement lights fitted. Not concours, but this is going to be a rally car, so will probably end up with a few battle scars!

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          Nice work! Looks too shiny for a rally car!

          My personal opinion is swap the rear lights for the Mk3 or later ones. They will probably get broken and the Mk2 ones are getting hard to come by. The Mk3 on are much cheaper to replace.
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            Originally posted by AGoaty View Post
            Nice work! Looks too shiny for a rally car!

            My personal opinion is swap the rear lights for the Mk3 or later ones. They will probably get broken and the Mk2 ones are getting hard to come by. The Mk3 on are much cheaper to replace.
            I think the lighting and distance is making it look shinier and better work[emoji23].

            The lights are some I happened to have and are correct for it's registration year I think, but I also have a later rear loom to fit, so could swap for something less valuable!

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              Life has been a bit hectic so not had time to go on here.

              Anyway, after sorting the lights we moved to rear suspension. The car had previously run minispares beam axle, KAD radius arms and coilovers. The shock mounts have been properly turreted, so we thought we would just replace everything. We did run into a few issues though.

              Firstly the inbound holes on one side of the beam axle were appreciably out of line. So we had to drill new holes to suit. Also a small part of the top of the box section of the beam axle fouled the floor. So that had to be cut out too. So what should have been a straight bolt in taking half an hour turned into a few hours!

              Next issue was the radius arms fouled the beam. The offending part was the lug that holds the end of the trumpet when using traditional suspension. Got over this by getting new arms from KAD that had this lug removed.

              These new arms fitted a treat and went straight on.

              It was then on with the rear disc conversion. Straight forward, but hub nut wouldn't fit! Another call to KAD, they tried numerous nuts back at the factory and found some went straight on and some didn't. Just goes to show the poor quality of the nuts being produced. New nuts sent and fitted.

              It was then a case of measuring up for coilovers. Hopefully we are some where near right with both length and spring rate. Time will tell [emoji848].

              These duly arrived and were fitted with ease.

              Now hopefully some pictures to illustrate this post.

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                Nice update, keep them coming.


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                  Having decided on a K series and having looked at the options we decided on the Allspeed, reasons being.

                  Lacked the skills to fabricate own.

                  Watson required large rear spacers, that are not allowed in motorsport and is metro based and we want to stay as Mini as possible.

                  An order was placed with Allspeed with about an 8 week lead time [emoji849].

                  In the meantime we bought and collected a 1400 off Ebay along with all the wiring.

                  I was also in touch with a certain Mr Goater who assembled a close ratio PG1 for me and fitted a new Gripper plate LSD that I had sent up to him. Thank you Mr G.

                  Needing a new flywheel for the PG1, we also bought a new lightweight one from QED. At this stage we have gone with a standard MGZR 160 clutch and will see jow it fairs.

                  I was like a kid at Christmas opening the big box with the frame in it. In fairness to Allspeed it arrived on the exact day they said it would when I ordered it[emoji4] and in my humble opinion is beautifully made.

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                    Allspeed have certainly upped their game with the new design of frame.


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                      Thanks for the good comments.

                      Hope all the parts I've sent you come in useful.

                      All looks to be coming together nicely. I wish you luck in the events you attend.

                      My gearboxes are selling like hot cakes at the moment...
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                        That frame looks good 👍 This looks like my kind of build 😎


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                          Ok so not done an update for a while and the forum has been updated too. So going to try and upload a photo, to see if I can get to grips with everything??? 20190909_203820.jpg


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                            That frame really is an awesome piece of kit. 😎

                            I know they are not the cheapest but the quality of it stands out from the rest.

                            Have to say don't leave it too long without paint though. It's surprising how quickly things rust.
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                              Ok, so we have been working on this and have to admit that I chickened out on doing the fabrication and welding of the engine mounts. This is going to be a competition car and my welding is not good enough, plus it would be a crime in my opinion to spoil the frame. If I do have a criticism of Allspeed it is that the frame does not come with the mounts, so if you can not weld to a good standard you will struggle. Luckily I knew a company that could do it for me and I could afford for them to do it.

                              I have also been finding it hard to find time to get on here, so the pictures do represent work that has taken place over a good number of months. So apologies for less than timely updates!

                              We decided in the end to go with the Vetech wide track kit. This increases track by 53mm each side and then by using a high positive offset wheel helps reduce bump steer. Vetech produce their own wheels at +46 ET on a 5.5" wheel. These were a tad expensive due to the manufacturing process and as a 3 part wheel are not necessarily great for rallying. We have managed to find a 6" wheel which better suits the tyres we will be using and it is +39 ET. So not as good as the Vetech wheel but far better than most wheels that are available.

                              Anyway now for a few pics

                              Engine in and view of gearbox mount:

                              Vetech Wide track. Extension on Allspeed tie bar and modified Minisport bottom arm


                              Vetech wide track billet top arm......beautiful!