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CJ The Mini (1983 K Series VVC Mini Roundnose) Build Diary

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    The manifold is still very tight to the fiberglass.. Do you think the fiberglass front end will survive that heat? Just don't want to see your front end go up in smoke..
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      Maybe ceramic coating it would be an idea ? I think I'm gonna do that to my Honda manifold when I finally get to that stage but more for trying to get the engine bay temp down a bit
      New subframe fitting has begun - slowly

      Build Thread - standard length round nose B series with Rover K series frame, will it all fit ??


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        Thanks birdman and Oz, the heat from the exhaust is a concern. When I remake the front cross member of the subframe the aim is so that it holds the fibreglass front out a little bit (as there is a bit of flex in it). This will hopefully give another 5mm clearance. Plus I have some heat wrap to put on the exhaust and some heat reflective tape to back the fibreglass. So hopefully that will help.

        I can't put the heatwrap on yet as I want to check the exhaust for leaks first.

        Thanks for the comments, all input is appreciated.