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K turbo Watsons frame

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  • K turbo Watsons frame

    Decided I better start a build thread for this thing,

    I decided back in 2010 that I wanted a mini, one came up for sale in town which saved me a trek as I live miles away from anywhere.
    Had a quick squint at it, didnt look too bad rust wise from what I could see, although this soon turned into a full on weldathon with almost every panel below the windows being replaced.

    Here is the car the day I bought it, around August 2010

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    At first I was going to just patch it up and get it through an mot so I could get use out of it and have a bit of a rolling resto, but a mate of mine said I'd be better doing it right and just stripping it and replacing what ever panels it needs.
    So this happened

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        All in the cars had two quarter panels, a half rear panel, two half floors, both sills, both doorsteps, complete boot floor, both inner rear arches, a full heel board, repairs to the flitch panels etc etc. I'd have been better off getting another shell but I had gone that far on this one I had to keep going. Still got to fit a scuttle and repai both doors which I'm going to fit aluminium skins to to save a bit of weight.

        I made the mistake of buying it a month after the birth of our first child, so the mini fund has shrunk quite a bit. Then the biggest mistake of all was when I stumbled across this forum! Haha, as soon as I started looking into all the different engine conversions on here I knew I had to do it, which obviously meant more money.

        So the plan is 1800vvc in a Watsons frame, abs St front, metro gta 5 spokes, Kirkey seats, cage etc. going for a bit of a race car for the road type thing which will probably see a bit of track action as well.

        So I bought the Watsons kit, then blindly bought an engine on eBay which turned out to have a cracked head, so I got a reconditioned head for it and rebuilt it with new piston rings, big end shells, gaskets etc

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          Then fitted it to the mini

          I've got the body harness plug off an mgf and the engine plug off my mini so I'm wiring the two up so that it's as plug and play as possible so that it's easy to convert back to a series in the future

          That's pretty much as me up to date, it's going to be a slow build but I'm going to see it through to the end and try and keep this updated as much as possible

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            Wow Iain, that's quite a big build, looking forward to following it


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              Cheers Richie, it's a lot been a lot more work than I had planned for but at least I know it'll be solid for a good few years now. Can't wait to get the engine fired up to get the motivation back again, need to get Christmas out the way first though before I start spending on it again, doesn't help that it's the birds birthday on the 14th December aswell!


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                Fair play, thats a lot of work! Keep it up
                Re-build with Rover 1.8 vvc:


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                  Not done much on this for a while, got my engine loom all sorted out and connected up, currently waiting on a timing belt kit and ecu set to arrive in the post. Hopefully have a first start video some time next week if all goes well. I'll upload more photos of progress as soon as I've done anything photo worthy


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                    glad your back,, your early panel repairs more than make up for it,, good luck ,
                    "yuck ,more like a 3 r2"


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                      Cheers Shaun, can't wait to properly get stuck back into it, I'm hoping that hearing the engine start will bring back the enthusiasm


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                        THIS IS A LOVELY QUALITY build so far this.
                        "Steve Austin, the 6million hour build"
                        MOT, March 15th 2013!*!*!


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                          Originally posted by theminihut View Post
                          THIS IS A LOVELY QUALITY build so far this.
                          Thank you, hopefully I can keep it up!
                          I see you have decided to keep Steve Austin, good decision


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                            So this happened today, obviously still haven't got the engine steady fitted yet, hence the mega rocking the engines doing, but pretty chuffed!
                            Motivation has came back quite a bit.
                            Just need to solve the slight problem of having to open the throttle slightly to get it to start, idles perfectly after that though with throttle in normal position.



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                              Does it have an IACV ? If so it might be stuck and neeed a clean ?
                              New subframe fitting has begun - slowly

                              Build Thread - standard length round nose B series with Rover K series frame, will it all fit ??