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K Series conversion building for IVA.

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  • K Series conversion building for IVA.

    I have been a member of the site for a while and think it is time I put in my own build diary. A little bit of back ground a few years ago I built a Cobra kit car and put it through the SVA system

    I have a 1982 mark 3 which I believe started off life in Belgium and was at some stage brought across to the UK and converted to right hand drive. The speedo was still in kilometres and the wiper motor was still mounted on the wrong side it has just the usual 14 owners!

    I brought the mini unseen for £200 from a friend, who said all it needed was new sills!

    My plans are to put Peugeot rear suspension on proper side exhaust pipes, running along the sills (like the cobra) and make it into a proper two seater with the fuel tank where the rear seats would be this will also give a bit of a boot space
    I will be fitting a 1.6 K series engine from a Rover 400. I started in the built in September 2008 and plan to spend a budget of £200 a month. I hope to have the car complete and IVA’d by summer 2010. It is very much a design and build project with lots of changes happening as I go along
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    This sounds interesting...keep us posted
    Quickly now, before I think it through!


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      Striping reviled the true extent of the problems ……..

      The wings had been welded to the strip that covers the seam that goes from the roof down to the A panel

      What do you mean there is something wrong with the angle of the back wheel…….

      After some work on the floor, I've also mounted the body on a spit


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        A couple more photo's of the mini up on the spit. Note the wonderful rear valance, one welded on top of another like most minis of this age there were some unusual repairs

        The scissor jack on the front is a safety device, winding it up allows me to “spin” the mini so the body clears all of the “spit frame”, dropping the jack back down again locks the body against the frame of the spit and stops it moving.

        Something not unusual.....

        And a nice neat fit in the garage.


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          Sounds like you have some good plan of actions in hand. The Cobra looks nice What happened to it?

          Good luck btw, looks like you got your work cut out to finish it for summer 2010!

          VVC with side exit exhaust + Much more!!!



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            Yep lots of plans and changes, the mini is much further on than it is shown in these photo's (I've been working on it for over a year).
            The Cobra took just over a year to complete (53 weeks to be exact the SVA paperwork caused a few weeks of delay!). I sold it after a couple of years of using it on the road. I was involved in an minor accident in it I was on my way to a kit car show a mini which was also on its way to a mini car show pulled out in front of me and I side swiped it!

            Last year I decided I wanted a real challenge hence the mini.

            New sill fitted

            4 inch square tube fitted across the full width of the body up inside the cross beam. I’ve also added strengthening ribs. This is to stiffen the body and also to give me a route to run the exhaust to the exhaust side pipes.

            You can see one of the exhausts I have made resting in position(the camera makes it look bent!)


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              Poor cobra i bet the mini didnt come out to well from the accident?

              Are the exhausts going to be side exit? I was possibly looking at going for a side exit on my mini but coming thru the centre tunnel up thru the floor behind the passengers seat then out above the sill in front of the rear wheel. Would take a fair amount of cutting and some boxing up ahich i am not sure if i can be bothered to do tbh.

              Why are you going for the smaller 1.6 k engine over the vvc if you dont mind me asking?

              VVC with side exit exhaust + Much more!!!



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                After the accident the damage wasn't to bad to either the Cobra or mini, my front wing and a dent in the mini’s rear quarter panel. The Cobra had good brakes!

                I'm actually building the car for my wife and I couldn't miss the opportunity to get a Rover 400 1.6 with 8 months MOT for £170. I'm not to worried about overall performance but It should be an easy swap if I do go VVC

                The exhausts will be side exiting I could not do as you intend because that would cause problems with my fuel tank....... Also running the exhaust through the car could cause issues with the IVA examination. I’ll post a picture over the weekend of the exhausts laid out on the floor.


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                  Took some pictures of the exhaust laid out on the floor to give a better idea of how it will fix to the car. The "Y" pipe and short pipes will fit inside the 4" squire box section tube that is welded into the floor

                  One exhaust loosely fitted along the sill. It will have a heat shield over it in case you are wondering. The end cap is missing

                  These are the parts that made up each exhaust, lots of baffles and changes of direction for the exhaust gases, hope fully it won't be to loud

                  The exhaust outlet will get shaped to blend with the heat sheild but that is some time off yet


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                    306 Rear suspension

                    Well this is the type of rear suspension that I’m using came from a low mileage Peugeot 306.

                    A number of reasons for me choosing this,

                    Everything on the back end on my mini is shot, boot floor, rear sub frame, hubs brakes everything was past it although I did manage to salvage the brake drums!

                    This torsion bar system is well proven, easy to adjust the ride height, it gives me a wider track (appox 1435 mm) without the need for wheel spacers, The 306 has the slightly thicker torsion bars so hopefully the ride won’t be to soft, larger brakes and the whole assembly being in one piece will provide a lot of strength and stiffness to the body.
                    Plus of course for the £50 I got every thing I need, almost new brake shoes adjusters and brake cables that work and are easy to maintain.

                    and of course its something different.

                    The down side is the weight but I’m not to worried about that.


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                      Torsion Bar supension

                      I had some chassis rails made from 2mm sheet metal to take the Peugeot suspension mounts and spent a long time getting them square and parallel. Drilled some elongated mounting holes and mounted the suspension far enough forward to ensure that the wheel would sit in the centre of the wheel arch

                      I had the suspension torsion bar removed so I could easily move the arm up and down

                      Once I was happy with the set up I made sure everything was braced and wouldn’t distort or shift. I removed everything from the body and welded in the new boot floor between the new chassis rails and fitted plenty of braceing . This first photo is of the underside

                      The following photo shows the top, all welded and seam sealed. The raised “bumps” on the chassis rails are there so the top of the shock mounts clear. The large curve that runs all the way across is where the torsion bars run.
                      I’ve just remembered another reason for choosing this type of suspension it has an anti roll bar built in


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                        This next photo shows how the “new” boot floor sits on to of the old rear heel board.

                        I bolted bars to both rear hubs. And took measurements (as shown in the last photo) to make sure the rear wheels would be parallel with the body

                        Measuring taken from inside the door rail at the “A” panel end of the door opening (This photos was taken before both sides were centralised)

                        This photo shows how well the torsion bars sit . You can also see where I have fitted a 3 inch wide 5 mm thick flat bar to the back of the heel board. It’s bolted either side of the tunnel and also at both ends using the old sub frame mounts

                        I also welded another 3 inch wide 5mm thick bar across the under side where I have drawn, it will give me a good safe jacking point plus a strong plate for mounting things to. The only things that will use the tunnel will be the handbrake cables.


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                          Rear view showing the extra track (it is up on axle stands before anyone says how high it is!

                          I have also ran tubing from the heel board to the front, not up to roll cage standards but it will offer a lot of strength It will be bolted through the heel board and other 5mm plate

                          Cutting through the cross member that the seats mount to (I’m not sure of its technical name) and welded it to the top of the 4” box section I had welded in for the exhaust.

                          A couple of photos of the finished underside (Ignore the subframe!!)


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                            Thats a interesting way you have done the tunnel, i like that and you will have a bigger boot.
                            13.5 @ 101mph standard VVC engine
                            Rover no show and all go!!!!!


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                              an interesting way of doing things nice boot floor there. did you get that made or was it your own creation? think you might just have the heaviest mini in the club! also the most solid, that 4'' box muxt of been a bit heavy. still, once you have a k in there it still wont weigh as much a vauxhall mini
                              is that the build up to date then or is there more to come?
                              might have 16 valves but still a mini!