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Mid engined 1.8 20v Turbo Mini

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  • Mid engined 1.8 20v Turbo Mini

    Have a classic Mini, but was always wanting a Mini with a rwd setup. So here it goes. Take a Mini with a bit of work required and Frankenstein it into a 1.8 20v Turbo Rwd.

    More rust repairs.​​​​​​​​

    Floor all repaired and split along the rear face to remove the seat base, companion boxes, boot floor and heelboard.


    Started to frabricate the cage.





    Rear cut away for the rear supports and to make room for the engine.


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    What kind of engine are you going to use? VW?



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      Yup the VW 1.8 20v Turbo engine from a GTi Golf.

      The donor gave up its engine for a great cause.

      Getting the axle centre lines in line with the original wheel well.

      Getting the mounting points lined up so the sump is above the floor pan.

      Rear brace bar fitted

      Rear valance fitted

      Bracing bars mounted.

      Gussets / bracing added for the cage ends and for mounting points for the rear coilovers.

      Gussets for the engine mount points.

      Ends on the suspension/cage box capped off and now the sill covers can be put on.

      Sportspack arches test fitted.

      A few goodies arrived as well.


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        Excellent. Another mid engine RWD mini in the making.
        Whale Oil Beef Hooked!
        (use Irish accent)


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          Nice work, subbed. Unfortunately making no progress on my mid engined Mini.


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            ew discs for the front brakes.

            Fuel cell tested and all fittings mounted up, fitted a 275LPH pump.

            Gaz shocks and brakes fitted.

            Rear calipers fitted.

            Driveshafts back from being shortened and fitted up.

            As everyone loves swaged holes on a car.


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              Finally started on repairing the doors.

              Removed and stripped out.

              Crusty in places, so a good call to reskin them.

              New bottom repair panel fitted.

              The ends closed in and some protection sparayed on.

              Skin fitted on, welded and edges rolled, happy with the result.

              Other door being reskinned also, bottom replaced and welded in

              Edges rolled and skin welded on

              Fitted up and gaps set

              Made a start on the closing in panel mounting plates for the rear parcel shelf/firewall