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rwd wide body rust bucket

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  • rwd wide body rust bucket

    so i picked a bare shell up three years ago for £20 went down to somerset from s wales to collect it then sat in my garden as a shed for two years i then knocked up a timber workshop [still not finished] and not big enough [a job for summer this year] so far i have fitted new door frame aperature panels a full bulkhead and inner wings when i say fit i mean tec screwed and a few spot welds i had a few cock ups redoing work twice if i wasnt happy with it ect so after picking up a shell for a few bit i needed that had box section inner sills to strengthen it prior to a top chop i thought that would be a good idea on this and anything i then fit can be tied into them they will be welded to the a and b posts and the rear arches
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    so i have a redtop xe lump as well as a set of webber 45 carbs and inlet manifod.. an allspeed subframe and arms mounts ect from a guy on here .
    but i got to thinking ide like a rwd mini with front mounted engine.... so a drunken evening on ebay got me the following a box section kit car chassis narrow and short only 300 mm longer than a mini wheel centre to wheel centre
    easily shortened its ford based cortina front clip and escort 4 link rear with panhard rod from outriger to outrigger its 35 n half inches and inbetween the box section sills i have 41 and bit so will fly in make a new tran tunnel and bobs your uncle thats 1 option another is a sierra rear subframe with the shell strengthened and modified so it can bolt on with a new fabricated boot floor i also have a full running gear set from an mx5 and a race tuned mx5 engine and box i picked up for 75 quid now i know this is not normaly done not seen it at least and maybe for good reason so thoughts are welcome be gentle
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      few pics of potential running gear the engine on that chassis in the pic is an iveco 2.8td so i think i will be pretty free to run a lot of rwd motors tbh oh yes the distance between the strut tower outer edges is 630 mm so again flies into the mini in fact i would re engineer that section so they sit nearer the standard mini shock position so as to keep some boot floor
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        i have a fortec kit and ive seen a box arched clubman i really like and wouldnt mind doing something similaire the difference between the ford and mini rear track is around 200mm the fortec covers that no problem if i use that kit or i could get 100 mm a side if making steel box arches
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