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  • B16A1 Clubman - NZ

    After being on this site as a guest for a long time and get lots of great ideas I thought I'd better start my own build diary.

    My mini is a '75 Clubman that has/had a 1275 fitted, Honda 9.1" brakes, 13x5.5" wheels with stud adapters and FTO reclianable seats.

    The doner car is a Honda Civic SIR 1990 with a 100k motor and recently rebuilt gearbox.

    So far I've pulled the motor, electrics, gear linkage, guages and everything else I might need from the Civic and sold the rolling body on.

    Next it was the Mini's turn and as I have had this engine out too many times it didn't take it out. As I am doing the work in the spare space in my mates work I had to make an A-frame to hang the chain hoist from, easiest way of doing was as pictured. Just some solid wood, bolts and some other bits and it seemed to come together nicely (looks hideous though)

    Sorry about the blurryness, couldn't see it at all with the flash on.

    Some parts that came out including a virtually new exhaust, custom dash I made that I can't reuse with the Honda gauge pod and the front mount radiator I was using.

    As the Honda engine is still at my place and I hope to get the steel in the next couple of days so I thought I would have a go at fitting the Honda stalk and ignition. After a bit of playing and cutting out the center I got a nearly perfect fit onto the standard mini columb. The only thing I had to do was cut and grind of the original casing brackets and cut its length by about 1cm as I was catching my fingers on the sticks when the wheel went on.

    Here is a general pic inside the car but will get some closer ones of the stalk tomorrow when I work on it again.

    Well that will be all for now but tomorrow I hope to get the stalk attached properly and fix the gauges into position with aluminium brackets.

    Might even get the engine moved and pick up some steel.



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    Hello and welcome

    What part of sunny NZ are you in?

    Good luck with the build

    Started as a general re-build in 1999, developed into a custom modification project, 10 years on and still going!


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      Another kiwi....good stuff. FTO seats too! Mine took abit of getting in right but the adjustability of the drivers base makes them very comfy.

      Good luck with your build!



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        Cheers Carl and Glenn,

        I'm in Christchurch, go the South Island :P

        Yeah the seats are really comfy. The first fitment was interesting as I had the front raised and the back bolted to the floor so seat and adjustment was pathetic. Recently replaced the "temporary" alum rails to 30x5mm stainless steel items and raised the back up. Now its a similar position as a mini seat but with full adjustment and a high back, just have to stagger the seat position if someone else thats big is in the car too.



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          welcom and i to look forward to your build ,ive put 4k on mine now still going strong.
          the mini bug has me in its grip


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            Got some more done tonight, stalkis now permanantly attached and started bracing the guages but I'm not happy with it's fitment at the moment.

            Here are some pics of the stalk and how I did it.

            Drilled through the original mounting holes towards the middle and tapped M6 bolts, just had to file off some access plastice to allow the bolts to bite enough.

            It is now in a perfect position and is rock solid, was even able to slip the indicator switcher onto the steering shaft itself and the indicators work as well (well they release like they should).

            Will put some pics up for the guages tomorrow if I get them done, might even throw in some wiring.



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              Didn't a chance to work of the car yesterday as I kinda got alot of my stuff taken from my flat, lucky I wasn't keeping any of the parts for the build here..

              Anyways I had a play tonight and got most of the wiring harness to where it should be. Even cut some nice oval holes in the firewall to the rubber bungs.

              I appologise for the low light photo's, forgot my camera again and used my phone. They are shots of the wiring running up from the fusebox which is currently hanging in front of the gas pedal, first half running through the firewall behaind the gauges and the rest running along the sill to the other side and through the firewall.

              It might all be a bit long but I will be able to pull any access back through and hide it in the dash like I already had for my alarm wires.

              And yes I realise that I'm doing it all backwards, the reason is due to me not having the steel yet and need to get my engine to where my car is.


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                Dont stress about doing it backwards - just having a tinker with the wireing and placement will familiarise yourself with different components if you're new to EFi, is a good thing. I was a good week just going over mine and noting all the plugs ad sensors before I even dare unbolt it from the crate floor!

                Steady progress be it only one nut and bolt at a time is still progress!

                I see your selling your dash on trademe......are you making something similar to house the Civic guages?

                Good stuff


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                  Your an observant fella. Yeah I will make something but will look at fibreglass this time as there will be too much shape and there will be a danger of popping a hole in vinyl if I use that again.

                  After the Vtec is done I will be making a full kit like the TJI widebody and then painting the car. But at the mo I just want to get the motor in and running so I can get rid of my runabout before it dies on me or cost's too much money for a warrant.

                  I will save the final placements of the cables till I have the engine in place with the cut guards (haven't touched them yet) but labled every plug as I took them out. I have also cut off the access rubish last night like the sunroof stuff along with the electrics for the doors and heater.

                  Yeah I know what you mean with EFI cars and all their crap but had some practice over the years with several cars, thankfully these engines use MAP sensors and I don't have to worry about mounting an airflow sensor somewhere :P


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                    Was finally able to do some work on it tonight for a couple of hours. I got the fuse box under the dash mounted in place and also the ECU has a nice snug fit under the tray on the pasenger side.

                    I will put photo's up tomorrow as I seem to have left my cable at work.

                    Will go buy my steel tomorrow. Was hoping to get it wholesale through a friend but he seems to be rather busy and it would be kinda hard to get the steel off him as he would have to pick it up. Looks like I will have to go with retail prices instead, hope it doesn't sting too much for a 6-8m length of 40x40x3mm box and a lenth of 120x4mm bar.

                    Either way I am happy with the progress so far and it looks like I have sold most of the bits I didn't need so the budget will be back on track.



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                      Looking good matey

                      Nice to see another NZ'der on here too

                      B16A2 Vtec Mini with custom subframe - On Road. My Mini Gallery. Here is my wiring Diagram - My Wiring Diagram. Here is my labelled Engine Loom - pre-Chop Engine Loom Picture


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                        Cheers James and it's good to see your getting stuck into yours again.

                        Hope you enjoyed your month off and didn't get caught in that 40 degree day (I was at the beach).



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                          No luckily I wasnt in Chch that day!
                          I think I was in Wellington at the time, and saw it on the news.

                          Good to be back working on the mini again - but it was a good break away from it also. For a bit there it was all I did in my spare time, and when I clicked that I wouldnt infact make it to the deadline, I basically told myself it was a chore and I ended up not wanting to work on it anymore. I had to force myself to go back to the garage and work on it, and now I am enjoying it again - so that is good!

                          You will have fun making your frame (I assume that is what your doing.... quick scan of the build and I couldnt spot a frame mentioned) - its a good experience - I found anyway. Alot of head scratching involved.
                          Are you starting completly from scratch, or are you building off a mini subby?

                          B16A2 Vtec Mini with custom subframe - On Road. My Mini Gallery. Here is my wiring Diagram - My Wiring Diagram. Here is my labelled Engine Loom - pre-Chop Engine Loom Picture


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                            I am making a frame but using the current towers and front tie bar points. I am actually using your design as a start point but might make the turret mounting wider so that I can get the motor in and out easier. With any luck I will be cutting my standard frame to bits tonight and begin welding.

                            I tend to do things in my head and work it out on the fly, most of the time it works out okay. Although I have to give a holla to all the guys on here as I would have had a different plan if I hadn't seen what could be done on other builds.

                            Here are the photo's from last night, nice and clear this time.



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                              Cool stuff.
                              There are a few things I would do differently next time on mine - but you get that in heinseight. Overall very happy with how it came out though. Took a long time though with 1 evening a week access.
                              Im sure you will crank yours out faster than I did.

                              Glenno also made his own frame, and im sure will have plenty to share about his experiences - Glenn I havent seen any pics of your frame, your original one (incase you have modded it since). Do you have any pics?

                              D_Parky made his own frame also, similar to what you are doing with the mini frame. You have no doubt seen his build here.

                              Heaps of others on the forum who have done it too.

                              I found making stuff out of cardboard first a real help, as its easier to cut and remake, than metal

                              Keep us posted

                              B16A2 Vtec Mini with custom subframe - On Road. My Mini Gallery. Here is my wiring Diagram - My Wiring Diagram. Here is my labelled Engine Loom - pre-Chop Engine Loom Picture