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Std Roundnose Allspeed B16B Build

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    Any updates on this build? have enjoyed following this one


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      Any news on the exhaust build? I have a tight fit as well and will have to have a custom version made.
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        Forgot about this thread, have some photos of the fabrication work!

        First they modified the inlet manifold to fit against the bulkhead. The runners are cut and re-welded at an angle. This is done so we don't have to make any modifications to the bulkhead itself, something I wanted to avoid.

        Radiator measured up and made. This is the biggest we could fit without causing clearance issues with the wheel/subframe. It looks small but the thick core actually gives it a larger capacity than a stock Civic radiator so should perform well. The bonnet will have holes in to aid airflow to it as well.

        Offered up!

        Header tank made up and a SPAL fan fitted, some plumbing in also done

        Manifold all made up, this was such a tight fit and only has about 2mm of clearance. Who's idea was it to try and do this with a completely standard body shell?

        Gear selector shortened and bolted up, all gears select beautifully, you wouln't know you're not sat in an EK9!

        Had to clearance the subframe in the process, a shame we had to do this as the subframe was expensive and is designed for this setup but there we go.

        Onto the exhaust. I went with a single box setup with a 200 cell HJS cat. We don't need a cat by law on this setup but seemed a good idea to keep noise and smell down as much as possible.

        Few photos of the finished product after I collected it

        We are so so close to getting this on the road now, next priorities are getting the alternator fitted as well as the driveshafts. Then I'm going to concentrate on wiring and see what happens when I turn the key! Once I've got it running, it's just a case of fitting the interior and some finishing touches and we can start using it!

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          Quick trip up to Birmingham to see JB Auto Trimmings to pick up something rather special

          They've done an absolutely amazing job, I absolutely cannot wait to get it all fitted, it will compliment the blue exterior so well. I didn't have any interior at all, so they supplied the seats and trimmed them in tan leather with twin Bentley style diamond stitching.


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            Love their job! Very nice!
            Quickly now, before I think it through!


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              Any updates?