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Std Roundnose Allspeed B16B Build

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  • Std Roundnose Allspeed B16B Build

    This is my build of a Mini Cooper with a Honda B16B engine swap, the aim of the build is purely to be a fast street car to take on roadtrips and sunny day drives.

    Here is the Mini when I first got it, a 1993 Cooper with a lot of rust, much more than we first thought, as always seems to be the case.

    Wasted no time and got it straight to the body shop, who blasted the shell down to bare metal to ascertain the full extent of the rust.

    In the end, the following needed to be replaced/repaired:
    • Front floor
    • Rear quarters
    • Door skins
    • Inner and outer sills
    • Scuttle panel
    • Full front end
    • Boot floor
    • Rear arches
    • Heel board

    Here are some photos of the repaired shell in primer

    And then it was time for some paint!

    And this is the shell after the final flatting back and compounding, really happy with the colour, it's absolutely gorgeous in the sun

    Stay tuned on this one, lots more to come, I'm getting through it over the next few nightshifts!

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    Looks lovely, seems a shame to have to cut away at the new panels and shiny paint
    Watsons frame in a standard length front, they said it was impossible ...

    Build Thread - standard length round nose B series with Watsons frame, it is possible


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      Hmm yeah, if you'd mentioned it, we'd all have suggested building it first ...
      Does look gorgeous though, no denying


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        If only I'd known I was going to VTEC swap it before I started! The bodywork was done a few years ago, before I had event dreamt of doing this kind of project.


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          Now these next photos might seem all over the place as they were taken over a number of years, the project had been put on hold at various stages and lots of things happened in different orders.

          I started with the rust proofing, Dynax S50 in the cavities and Dynax UC on the underside and arches.

          Mk1 glass indicators fitted

          Mk2 rear lights fitted, with LED bulbs - this is a 21st century Mini

          Black suede headlining fitted

          Doors built up, and all glass, mirrors etc. fitted

          Next up was running the Kunifer brake and fuel lines, fixed with stainless p-clips and rivnuts

          Also ran the battery cable through the car


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            With the shell pretty much all built up and watertight, I started work on the subframes, ready to get the car rolling.

            I bought a second hand rear subframe that had been gusseted and seam welded for strength and also galvanised. First step was to strip off the old paint and then I coated it in stonechip and truck bed liner.

            And fitted to the car, the brand new rubber bushes lasted literally a week of not being driven before they split, Minispares quality for you

            Some parts being refurbed with truck bed liner, I love the really hard wearing textured finish this gives.

            Time to get started on building the subframe up, new genuine cones, radius arms, HiLos and AGX dampers fitted

            Rear brakes and hubs built up with genuine Timken bearings, new back plates, Mintex shoes and finned alloy drums - these are so light!


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              Took a break from suspension and subframes and got a few interior bits done, heater unit stripped and rebuilt with new foam

              Got the heater fitted alongside an MPI steering column and stalks, makes the car feel a lot newer and higher quality!

              Ordered a bulk pack of Silent Coat and got that fitted in the key areas.

              Personal steering wheel fitted, absolutely love this thing

              I also started work on the engine bay, I cut out the inner arches completely to give me good clearance for the engine, all painted up and you wouldn’t even know it’s not factory Not planning on doing any bulkhead mods, going to have the inlet manifold modified instead.

              Clutch master cylinder fitted, this has been modified to work with the Mini's pedal so should have perfect travel.


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                Very exciting day! The Allspeed Engineering front subframe has arrived and it’s a very nice piece of kit, you can tell actual engineering has gone into this and it hasn’t just been thrown together using an old Mini subframe.

                Got straight to painting it, chosen coating this time was Frost Ultimate Chassis Black, really happy with this stuff, it’s so tough and should be a lot more durable than powdercoat.


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                  Subframe fitting time! Went on okay, had to trim a few areas for more clearance but I'm really happy with the fitment.

                  New cones and top arms fitted, you have to use two of the thick thrust washers on these subframes, all goes together really well - very impressed!

                  Lined up, ready to fit

                  In place and bolted tight

                  This meant I could now fit the rose jointed lower arms and get it ready to build up the suspension!

                  Few bits fitted in the engine bay such as the wiper motor and brake servo, fitted the front dampers and this is how it was left for the day

                  The subframe will have to come out again to fit the engine as it doesn’t fit from above but I wanted to make sure it all fitted okay before I got too committed!


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                    Right so about this engine!

                    It’s a JDM Honda B16B, this engine is particularly special as it only came in one car, the EK9 Civic Type-R, which was only ever sold in Japan. It also has the LSD S4C gearbox. Mileage was unknown but an inspection of the bores still shows the honing marks, the car also drove okay, made no smoke and sounded good, so I’m happy!

                    I also have a Spoon ECU for the engine, this essentially adds about 15hp, increasing the rev limit to 9k RPM(!) and lowers the VTEC engagement point for better drivability, should be seeing close to 200hp with this, amazing for an NA 1.6 from the 90s.

                    Here it is in the donor and on the day it was removed

                    Had to get the engine shipped to me as we were still in #coronalockdown and I didn’t fancy getting pulled over with an engine in the boot Turns out for the sake of £50 it was worth it to save the hassle anyway! Here it is waiting to be stripped.


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                      Been stockpiling some parts for the engine refresh, only genuine Honda parts will do here. In this box we have a full gasket set, clutch kit, cambelt kit, and a longer 5th gear set, to bring the revs down at crusing speed!

                      And an MFactory 4.0 final drive to make this slightly more drivable on the Mini’s smaller wheels. Lots of people fit a 3.4 FDR but I wanted to keep the revvy characteristics of the engine, should be similar to a stock Civic now


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                        Engine strip down begins, my plan is to do a fairly basic overhaul and light refresh, it’s a solid unit so pointless going too far with it, I just want to get it in and drive it.

                        Engine on the stand and having a deep clean ready for a coat of paint.


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                          Time to get this thing ready to get on its wheels!

                          First up was to get the hubs built up, only genuine Timken bearings on this build, mated to the Allspeed uprated CV joints, the known weak point of a Mini’s drivetrain

                          New balljoints fitted and these were mounted to the car, along with the steering arms and new track rod ends

                          Time for brakes Minisport 7.9” 4 pots, they look excellent and feel really good quality, easily on par with the £1.2k Brembos on my daily

                          These were fitted up along with Minisport's EN24 hardened drive flanges and Goodridge braided lines

                          Fitted the Wilwood brake proportioning valve and ran the Kunifer hard lines to the front brakes.

                          Really pleased with how it's coming together so far!


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                            Cam cover restored in the original crinkle red with polished lettering




                            Should look a little like this


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                              Got some engine work done this week.

                              Block painted, silicone coolant hoses fitted, new cam cover gasket and fitting hardware, new spark plugs, also stainless exhaust manifold studs fitted.

                              Really happy with how the engine is looking, next up is to fit a new cambelt but awaiting the tensioner from Japan. Then the gearbox goes off to my place to have the new final drive and 5th gear set fitted, I can do a lot myself, but I don't mess around with gearboxes.