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    Originally posted by 250ptm View Post
    That bracket in your photo appears to be slotted, which should allow the rad be moved further towards the center of the car? Also is there any clearance between the rad and the headlight shell it looks very close in your pics. Can you not install the engine & frame without the rad, then figure out a mounting solution for it. Just an observation: from your pics it almost seems as though you have to to drop the entire engine & trans to remove the rad! is that true?
    There is no more room for the radiator to be moved rearward; the radiator fan is already touching the subframe so no more wiggle room. I don't think the way it sits now the headlight will fit back in but that is a problem for another day. And you are correct, the engine, trans, and radiator have to be installed in the subframe at the same time before the subframe can be installed in the car. No way to fit the radiator after the fact.

    Originally posted by Red Riley View Post
    How do you know that the subframe isn't straight? They build those frames on a jig and they shouldn't be too far off unless it got damaged somehow. It seems more likely that the car is bent.
    I believe the subframe is straight. I'm looking for advice or to see if anyone else with a minitec frame has had this issue


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      The little upstand bracket under the radiator - can it be turned around 180 degrees? That will get you some more clearance.
      The other thing is some of the minitec kits have the radiator fan mounted on the front, not the back, so the radiator can lean over a little more.