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1980 clubman build for Allspeed vtec

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    So got down tonight and got a bit done!!!

    Rear speaker shelf made a template and done this magic ness

    Also all repairs and sanding is done so car is ready to be primed except bulkhead and interior which Is getting wire brushed tomoro and few other bits n pieces

    Also the bro got new cream leather interior from a mivec R fto and bought some steel to make up frames for them to sit in the car they turned out great only took an hour!!!

    They're getting welded to the seats and bolt into original holes!!! Genius will up load wen they're in


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      Got few bits done




      Doors done! Also bonnet

      Hopefully in primer this week


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        Finally after few months Iv got time to work on my car, baby is now old enough for me to get out an do a bit and I'd a quick holiday to Euro Disney so, time to spend time an money on my one and only

        Got new clocks and fitted them to the dash and fitted dash, looks good but no photos until tomorrow , got my custom made oil catch can in

        Going to get my air filter and flexi piping tomorrow and will get it fitted and then few tidy up jobs and it'll be bk on the road, hopefully get to some meetings few shows will update pics tomorrow,


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          Got good few bits done today hopefully be driving in the next few weeks,

          Flexi pipe

          Windows in

          Dash bolted in

          Carbon surround around the new clocks

          Co-pilot radio positioning

          Speaker board!!! Needs to be re covered , trying to think of a color, :/ also new mats the mother got me

          Finally feel like I'm getting there chuffed


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            Originally posted by Mini-khaos View Post
            Got good few bits done today hopefully be driving in the next few weeks,

            Flexi pipe

            Are you going you run any kind of filter on this ? I can imagine it ingesting all kinds of stuff if its an open intake pointing towards a cut out inner-wing
            Watsons frame in a standard length front, they said it was impossible ...

            Build Thread - standard length round nose B series with Watsons frame, it is possible


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              Yes, I am indeedy, was out of stock of what I was looking for thanks for worrying about it for me haha


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                Went down and hoovered out the interior hopefully going off for new cones and high los for the rear, then a full suspension and Wat ever else setup looking forward to having it bk on the road


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                  Loads of stuff got deleted but here she is on her 10,s and brakes n stuffs