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  • Mki Racer Build

    Hey guys.

    I've been lurking around on here for a bit. I have a full build thread over on The Mini Forum but I though I would share the 16valve related material here as well. If you want to check out the build you can find it here:

    The old lady in question is a 1966 austin mini 850.

    As you can see she was in pretty rough shape, but with a lot of new panels and a lot of work I was able to get most of the rot out and into this condition

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    My plans were to use a 998 and boost it, but unfortunately, the rules for the class that I was going to enter changed and the car would have had to weigh close to 2000lbs. So with that no longer an option I decided to go down the honda route.

    So I picked up one of these guys.

    It's a B16A. Picked it up with all the running and driveline gear, and the best part is i got to see it run before I bought it.

    Doesn't quite fit on the stock subframe so I guess I will have to figure something out, which wont be a problem.


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      Well on to the subframe. I used 1.25x.125 DOM tubing to fab up the frame.

      I wanted to keep the stock mini geometry as well as the stock spring setup.

      The lower rails tied into the lower suspension and back to the firewall

      The top support bars

      Everything tacked together

      And everything welded and bolted back up.


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        Today I went out and mounted up the engine. feels good to have it installed.

        And just for kicks threw the front end on to see how it fitted with the engine in. I'm happy to say that not only does the engine clear nicely, I should have room for a b18 if I so chose.


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          I got some time to work on my intake today.

          I tested the intake on the engine and found out that I didn't need much of an angle to clear the bulkhead.

          So I stripped it down, cut it up and cleaned it up so I could weld it back together.

          I don't have a lot of experience with tig welding so it isn't the prettiest job but it is solid and sealed.

          I only had to take out about 15 degrees which has me a little worried because I see a lot of guys taking out about 30 to clear the bulkhead. My worry is that I have the engine leaning too far forward and I won't have enough room for the exhaust manifold.
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            OK big update. Iv'e been working like a mad man on the mini the past four days and I was able to get quite a lot done.

            Started by being able to get the car inside the shop again

            Started out getting the seating position figured out.

            Then down to business. I was only able to get 2 lengths of tubing which was enough to get me started on the cage. I had to rent the tubing bender again and due to its steep price I didn't want to have it for more than a day. So I was able to get all the bends needed for the cage. the rest will be all straight pieces of tube.

            I got the all the bars bent up and tacked in place.

            Then dropped the cage through the floor so that I could wild it up properly. For the record if anyone is building their own cage, this is the best way to weld the top of the cage.

            Then pop it back up in to place and weld the pads under the tube and to cover the holes.

            Since I ran out of tubing I decided to move on to the subframe. So out came the motor.

            And in went all of the gussets needed to brace the subframe.

            I was having issues with the front coil springs moving around during suspension travel. So I found some tubing that will fit inside the front springs and welded them in to the spring perches.

            Then a quick coat of paint.

            Then cracked on with the re-assembly.


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              I was able to figure more out with my brakes as well. The front calliper brackets fit perfect as you can see. The disks are 9.5 inch Honda with 4 pot wilwoods which all fit under the wheel but I needed to make up a 1 inch spacer for the wheel and tire to clear everything.

              Unfortunately, the rear brackets were a different story. There wasn't any way to get an accurate measurement for the rear calliper brackets. When I bolted them up this is what I ended up with.

              But now that I have something to go on I can remodel and recut a new pair of brackets.


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                Lots of work gone into this, the frame looks really neat being in tube.

                Only one issue.. you've put the steering wheel on the wrong side


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                  Lol The steering wheel is on the proper side because we drive on the right side of the road over here lol.

                  Thanks Gee. Yes a lot of work has gone into it ant there is still more to go.. I just hope I can get it ready for the spring.


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                    I was finally able to get more tubing for the cage this week. I will have more pics up through the week.

                    I was able to get the back half tacked into place.

                    Next on the list is some work up front then the door braces.


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                      Wow there's some very nice welding there, I'm just in the process of learning to weld and I'm struggling lol , nice build


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                        Thanks Jimmy. Once you learn how to weld, it's something that stays with you. The more you practice the better you will get.


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                          Sweet project man


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                            Im loving the rear disc conversion. Can u give some more info on it.
                            at Pod' ran 11.2 @ 122mph allmotor 1.5 60ft at pod. now building a mini



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                              Thnks guys for the kindd words.

                              K20/24 I wil give you more infor on it when I know i have it right. I will post up the part numbers and a drawing with dimentions of the bracket. The one downside with my rear disk setup is that it wont have a cable e-brake. I will be setting up a drifter style hydrolic hand brake for it.