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Freebie's second build - D series again!

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  • Freebie's second build - D series again!

    Hi all,

    Now that the convertible is finish and running, my 1976 a+ mini doesn't get driven anymore. Its now time for another engine swap!

    People usually only do those swap once. I must be fool...

    This 76 was bought after 9-11 in 2001. It first came with drums all around with a 1000 block and 1275 head with twin carbs. Restored the body with poor knowledge... When i compare both minis, this one really needs another body overhaul. I bought a new complete floor pas and have lors more panels to get to achieve a good built. I want to fix the mistake I did over 10 years ago.

    In 2005 I swapped the engine for a 1300 metro engine with hif44 carb. Changes the drums to 8.4 discs and went from 10" to 12

    Now that the cabrio is done, i bought another MTD kit from minitec. I bought a D15B Vtec with LSD from a japan importer.
    Prices increased since last time. The engine was 1200$CAN, was 800 last time.

    I thought A series were now gone from my life and suddenly, my girlfriend buys a 1980 mini 1000.... Now she shops on Minispares web site and have a common hobbie!

    Pictures of the build will come soon.

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    Looking forward to seeing you do another one.. the convertible was so nicely done..
    89 Mini 30...finished the car ... again!


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      at Pod' ran 11.2 @ 122mph allmotor 1.5 60ft at pod. now building a mini


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        5 speed is not an option!


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            "yuck ,more like a 3 r2"


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              +5 were all waiting with anticipation!


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                Project Coxy, Black mid-engined RWD mini. 1.8k-series.. Got the CF bug/NOS...
                Its runnning and had a little drive.


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                  You've got my attention too. I finally got to see the Cabrio at MME. and it is truly awesome - overall design and attention to detail are spot on - the car is possibly the best seen and is a daily driver.

                  Bob Jonah


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                    Thanks all for the good words! The budget and time frame for this one will be smaller. Can't afford to put so much on this one.

                    Bob's Riley is also a pretty well made car.

                    Undortunately, i hit the first rock yesterday... I swapped the ecu i got with the new engine with the one in the cabrio, to find out that they gave me an automatic one again. Going there in a few minutes to have it change. Once they are paid, they are not as cooperative and don't like stuff to come back. Cross your fingers!

                    Got another D15B Vtec 1992-1995 with lsd box for 1200$Can this time.


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                      Freebies, where are you buying your JDM engines? I am looking for another one for my van project and the guy I use seems to never have any stock.
                      89 Mini 30...finished the car ... again!


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                        Hi Mike,

                        From what i was told, they are getting harder to get as time goes by. The kids don't want them in their civic... The price increased in the past years and B20 are almost same price now.

                        I did 5 shops in Montreal area and they 3 out of 5 had them. One of them was automatic only, other one the guy was alone and the engine was in the far back of the warehouse so could not reach it... The place that sold mine only had this one in stock but gets them monthly. Its is called Nagano Japaneese. Search for Jdm engine in Google. One other good place had one but the oil pan was damaged in transport. The guy loved the cabrio!

                        Nagano changed the ECU this morning for free. When buying from them, make sure all sensor are intact. Before you get money out, you point the damaged one and they will change them... Not sure if they ship. Aren't you in BC ?


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                          Yep, I am in Victoria, so have to consider the shipping as well.. Previous ones I had were from a Calgary JDM shop, and they don;t seem to bring them in any more.. maybe it's time to use a later year D17 or something..
                          89 Mini 30...finished the car ... again!


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                            loving the >]One other good place had one but the oil pan was damaged in transport. The guy loved the cabrio!} as he was lowering the engine in the back so you could transport it home,
                            "yuck ,more like a 3 r2"
                            SAY WHAT YOU BELEVE,,BELEVE WHAT YOU LIKE,


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                              Let me know Mike if i can be of any help.

                              Shawn: yeah right... Just took the cabrio so they can see why i need a full harness... Most engines have cut harness and they say:" use the one already in your car" as they only think their customer gets their engine for honda car swaps