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    Though it was time i take my courage with both hands and try to speak english a little bit so i can share my projet with you guys. My build thread is already on an french canadian forum but there is a lot less people to speak with there.

    Here is the story:

    Bought the car in 2000 when i just finished shool.

    Spent the next winter doing a bare shell rebuild with the help of my father. After a few weeks using it on the street, i began to feel the potential of the car for racing. I then started to modify it with good shocks, S brakes, engine mods, slicks and shell lightening...

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    After a few years racing it and pushing the A series to its limits(affordable limits) i went to an event where a guy with a D15 Honda engined Mini beat my time by 1 second.

    Last race with the A series engine:


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      The next day, my decision was made, i needed a 16vMini. Living in appartment and having nearly no tools at that moment(2006), i went for a Minitec MTB frame with extended fibre front end. Found a wreked Integra RS as a cheap donor.

      I then opened the thorax

      Removed the heart

      Made some place

      added a new heart


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        Good looking mini you got there.
        at Pod' ran 11.2 @ 122mph allmotor 1.5 60ft at pod. now building a mini


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          The following season, i had a better weapon to fight against the modern beasts in the club.

          First race with the Minintegra


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            what she looked like last summer


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              not a fan of extended fronts but looks good, thought you said you went with mtb kit, is that the old mtb kit?


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                I love the black on black look but you need black wheels too lol.
                What tranny and FD?
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                at Pod' ran 11.2 @ 122mph allmotor 1.5 60ft at pod. now building a mini



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                  Really like the look of that, I've been thinking about painting a lot of the chrome black on my mini looks very tidy. What strip do you use on the windscreen instead of the chrome type one?


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                    I've bought the black screen strip for mine but I haven't got round to fitting it yet.

                    Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow.


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                      After racing the car for three years with the Honda engine, what i missed the most was the "go kart" handling of the original Mini. The Honda engine is heavier and weight is all in front of the axle. I never felt confortable with my hybrid Mini when entering a curve, the back end is becoming too light under braking. Oversteer on a traction is not my favorite thing...

                      Last winter, i undertook some weight distribution improvements. I want to remove some weight in front of the axle.

                      I started by replacing the heavy cast iron exhaust manifold by a lighter tubular header. Stainless steel 4-2-1

                      Then i saved about 8 pounds with this aluminium crank pulley

                      so had to make a new tensioning bracket because Minitec one was now innapropriate


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                        Once started, why not take some weight in front and move it to the back

                        I drafted some shrouds and had then laser cut and bent

                        Not the usual way to fill a rad

                        This fan needs air to suck throught the rad and i tought the easiest way to provide it was from NACA ducts in the rear side windows.

                        Then trought the useless speaker holes...

                        Front dry fit

                        Bleeding during the fill up

                        You can't afford a tool, fabricate it


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                          Everyting is there but it's tight fit

                          To make room for everybody, i had to move link inside. By the way, i'm putting it closer to the steering wheel so race car ergonomic is coming

                          So now i can have a beautiful straight line

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                            I was not about to cut on my rust free original boot lid so decided to mould one out of carbon fiber. It's my first time doing such a big part, not an easy task...

                            now with a duct

                            don't worry for the finish, i plan to add a layer of carbon-kevlar on top of it so orange peel and color mismatch should go


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                              In addition to poly engine mounts, i made this ultimate steady using old Mini tie rods. It worked on the A series so why not on the B series