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Mini30 D-SERIES 1.6

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  • Mini30 D-SERIES 1.6

    Started working on this a few weeks ago after getting my van on the road, i used to have this setup in another mini i had but it was so badly cut and shut by the previous owner i didnt feel safe in it lol!

    So to free up some space i decided to merge my 16v mini and my mini 30

    Started by stripping off all the bumf from the old shell and cut the front end off my 30, removed everything from the 30

    and then started working on modding the bulkhead to suit the intake manifold.

    Iv seen a few builds on here that have cut out the main cross member of the bulkhead and only replaced it with a box, im sure this is ok but id rather put the strength back. Started making an internal frame to strengthen up the big ass hole in the bulkhead

    Then the final article

    Fitted the frame in place, started to weld it in and thankfully it still fitted propperly after welding it up

    Definatly more ridged since putting the frame in!

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    Next i started on reinforcing the main bulkhead crossmember, used 40x40x4mm box section to bridge the gap. forgot to take photos of this in my haste but its still visible under the new curved firewall.

    Here are some pics of the curved firewall that iv put in place, not quite finished yet but ill get it done this week!

    Checked the manifold in place and its fitting nicely

    Had to step up the firewall at a couple of bits, at the drivers side of the bulkhead iv fitted the cable clutch mount, under the firewall the pedal has been altered and a 6mm plate welded from the bulkhead to the lower dash rail to make sure there is no problems with flexing of the bulkhead.

    And thats where im up to today, will get cracking on it after the weekend and get the wiring started!


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      also figures out my problem with the air intake which was blocked by my brake servo, off to B&Q and got me a angled pipe that will re-direct the origonal air pipe under the master cylinder and to the front to get fresh air


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        My 2 cents worth of Opinion Man. I guess the work you put into surgically removing the bulk head and reinforcing it again, would make it lot more easier if you just angle the intake manifold and had more cleaner engine bay.
        5 speed is not an option!


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          Like mini fab said. requires lot less effort to work on the intake manifold. My opinion.


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            Thanks for the comments, modding the manifold was my main idea after reading some builds, i think one was freebies. I didnt want to cut the bulkhead but the std intake would insure the correct airflow was achieved and as i unfortunatly lack a tig welder at the momemnt angling the manifold wasnt possible. I would have done silicone bends but the D- series manifold is a daft shape and the bends didnt look like they would work right.


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              Well goodluck man..Hope everything is going great on your build!
              5 speed is not an option!


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                thanks mini fab! was admiring ur build today, youve done some nice work with that subframe and manifold! will have my bulkhead finished tomorrow, thank god!


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                  Thanks Man!
                  5 speed is not an option!


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                    And its now almost finished, still some wee bits to tidy up and its in red oxixe but the majority is now done and smoothed off.

                    Glad the smooth back worked out, was anoying to get the curve correct all the way accross with 2 joins and 2 steps....


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                      Not much to update, put the wiring in last week and a new scuttle panel and installed the alloy shocker mounts. Discovered my coilovers are way to weak under the weight of the new engine, have some other springs but not sure what load they are. Anyone know what sort of springs i should be looking at?

                      Fitted a new head gasket and timing belt just for peace of mind and im almost ready to get the frame and engine back onto the body and get wired up! I ran the fuel lines and installed the mpi tank with honda fuel pump the other day, was almost a straight swap with the mini item.

                      Also going to start looking at altering the alternator possition as it sticks out slightly in the std roundnose and i want it completly hidden......


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                        well its now wired up and it runs!! only problem is that it im still getting no oil pressure!!!!!! This is the seccond engine iv got 0 oil pressure! There was oil in the rockers when i changed the head gasket the other day and iv no idea whats going wrong!

                        The one thing i can think of is that im using a grease gun rubber hose to go from the oil pressure switch hole in the block to the t piece above the inlet that i have my capillary gauge attached to. I just used it as it was brand new and was the correct thread but im worried that it may be the cause of my problem......


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                          still no further ahead with this oil pressure problem!!!!!! tried another pump from my other engine and nothing!!! Looking at getting a twin cam d-series local to me to fit instead, D16A8 so more bhp and another cam here i come!


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                            May seem obvious but have you check your oil pressure gauge? How about the sending unit?


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                              Using a digital and capilary oil pressure tester into the back of the block, i can run the engine an no oil comes out of the pressure switch hole! litterly nothing!! By sending unit do you mean the pressure switch? thanks