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  • Danish b16a Clubman

    Hi all

    I think it is now time to start my own build thread, so other user of this forum can see my build and use it for inspiration, like I have had the use of many of your builds.

    The plan was to use the allpseed frame with the JDM honda B16a engine and a integra LSD gearbox. And a DTA S40 engine management.

    When I bought the clubman 2 years ago

    The car stood for almost a year before I started the restoration, because of a new job and house.

    But here are a few picture of the body work, that was needed before I could start on the funny stuff (B16a)

    The body has sand plasted inside and underneath.

    Fitting the allspeed frame

    My dog also wanted to be on the picture

    The frame assembled with engine before mounting in the car:

    Completly new driveshafts:

    Speed senor mounted in the rearwheel arm:

    Engine bay painted and brake and clutch resovoir fitted
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    My build:

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    Inlet manifold

    Here is a frew pictures of the inlet manifold being modified

    My build:


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      Engine fitment

      Know this is a 16v forum, but I thought that you should also see my other baby Just two pictures of my other mini, has a A-serie 1380 turbo engine with 158 Bhp.


      Now to what it is all about.

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        Wiring and Dashboard

        The complet new wiring is homemade and with automatic fuses.

        Took 4 times as long as I thought

        Here is a few pictures of the homemade dashboard, and when I say homemade, it also means that the carbonfiber plate is made by my self in a oven and with vacuum and all that. Had all the facilities that was needed. Very funny to try

        Will upload some new pictures of the finish job in the weekend.
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          Very happy with the result
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            Brake mounted

            Bought the small willwood setup from zcars:

            And the new maniflow exhaust mounted:
            My build:


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              Project status

              The car is allmost assembled, but is not painted on the outside, because I want the car to be approved buy the danish car inspection before I paint the car, if there need to be changed something on the car.

              This weekend I expect to drive the car around the block for the first time

              Motor is runing but need to be adjusted, if there is anybody who have a DTA engine map for a standard b16 and want to help me, please reply. So I can get the car run tolerable, before I go to the rolling road.

              Please feel free to any quistions about the project and I will try and answer them as good as I can.

              Martin (Denmark)
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                The first drive

                For the first time in 1,5 year the car is on the ground and out in the sun.

                And I drowe it for the first time up and down the street

                The gearbox and all just worked, only one smaller leakage from the gearbox / driveshaft.

                And of course the engine need to be adjusted before going to the rolling road, hopefully in a month time.

                Have a continuing good weekend, I know I will
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                My build:


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                  Wow, that was a lot of info in just a couple of days - Also your welder is as high as the front of the mini -- and you have the Andrex Puppy working on your build as well. I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work.
                  Whale Oil Beef Hooked!
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                    really nice build mate i like it! what type and size of omp steering wheel is that your using? i like it!!
                    is it a OMP Corsica Superleggero Steering Wheel?
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                      wow looking good and other mini nice too keep up the good work martin
                      regards dave

                      get your skates on mate!


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                        2 very nice cars there. You should keep the car as it looks now with a very nice shiny engine bay and engine and the primer look on the body. Total RAT look. Then when people come up to you and go ew what a pile of crap you can open the bonnet and smile or just blast off down the road with a look of shock on their faces.

                        Keep up the good work


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                          Hi there......
                          Love the build, quick progress & nice spec.....
                          Your inlet manifold is a very nice solution well done
                          keep up the great work


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                            Hi all, thanks for the positive comment.

                            The car is painted in Tartan red in the enigne bay, boot room and on all visible areas inside. This year I will only drive the car with primer on the outside, do to I need to have the car approved / road legal. Before I spendt more money on it, because it is still not sure that the Danish car inspection will approve the car, and if they want me to change anything on it, then it is more practical that the car is not painted.

                            The idea is to paint it in Tartan red with black roof and arches, and a black 1275gt stripe.

                            To Pippy:
                            I canĀ“t remmember with type and size the OMP steering wheel are, and I am out traveling for my job at the moment. But when I get home in the weekend I will try and measure it and findout which type it is.

                            To Markustremendus:
                            The inlet manifold is also one of the solution on the car that I am most proud of

                            Hope to get some more progress on the car in the weekend, and hopefully get the engine to run a bit better so I can go to the rolling road as quick as possible.

                            My build:


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                              engine bay finished

                              Just finished the engine bay today with the new green filter and homemade stainless steel air intake.

                              Just need to get the engine runing tolerable before going to the rolling road, but just got it to run so I could take a test drive and tested the clucth and all the gears, and it all worked good, and no leakage problems of any sort on the engine

                              Have a good weekend, every one.
                              My build: