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Javelin sprint series and trackdays

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  • Javelin sprint series and trackdays

    Hi all
    I've closed the other thread as a few of the links needed updating. So to kick it off, i'll list the relevant details of the sprint series and the track days.

    Javelin Sprint series
    The Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series is a simple and easy to enter sprint competition series for the trackday driver....

    Javelin Trackday's
    Track days , Pure & Simple. Javelin Trackdays is the largest independent track day organiser in the UK with over 250 events per year across 14 different venues, we believe in sensible numbers at sensible prices. Book your Track Day now.

    Javelin Facebook discussion on the sprint series
    A place to discuss the Javelin Trackdays Sprint Series events. Visit for all the information relating to the series.

    My plans are:

    Saturday 10th Feb take Stella for mapping.

    Wednesday 7th March Blyton park (open pit lane) track day as a shake down or Sunday 4th March Blyton.

    Then the first sprint is Sunday 1st April. I'll make a weekend of this there is a trackday the day before but i can't afford to do both but will go and watch. Its a bit of a trek to get to Snetterton.

    I'm not going to organise anything this year in regard to a 16v mini sprint champoinship as i just want to see how it all works. Maybe next year if anyone is interested?

    Cheers Paul

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    Looks good Paul, I take it Stella is up and running and you have sorted a trailer, the garage is up now so somewhere to work again since the house move, so i will get the mini sorted, been a long time sat in storage.
    Cheers Steve.


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      one kid leaving home this year , so maybe next year .. if i finish my race car .. not sure if its valid for your series , but can tag along on open days
      Mini Restoration on YouTube, donate to club running costs : [email protected]


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        You'll find a class. Same one as me next year probably


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          Anyone doing any of the ones running this year? or got any trackdays lined up?
          I'm at Croft on 29th July (my mini's return to life after a 2 year gap ).