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Default C20XE loom tacho signal wire

Guys, am I right in saying that it's the green wire on one of the 2 multiplugs near the ECU?

I've tried taking a signal off it but my Tim tacho does not move. I bought one of those signal converters off ebay to convert ECU to coil signal but still no joy.

If this is the correct feed wire what's the best way to test for a signal from it?

Cheers for any help.
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If it is a 3 wire coil you can do something like below.

It takes the out put signal from the ecu to fire coils and combines them to give a regular tach signal.
It is what I will be doing but I currently have a ford coil and megasquirt.

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For my XE, it's the green wire off the coil.
It's a dizzy type, none Coscast.
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