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village idiot
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Default 40s? 45s?

are twin 40 webbers good enough for a 2.0 16v ? and where is the best place to find a pair ?
im not sure but did the fiestia xr2 run a single 40 ? ..if so can they coupled up and used as twins ? also where do u get the manifolds from or is it possibal to DIY the inlet ?
i also noticed ages ago that a vtec was running on twin S.U s,( green and white mini i think) so would it b possibal to run a vaux on 2 ? or even 4 s.u ? ....what do u recon ?
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The twin SU'd vtec mini was by www.saeminivtec.co.uk - apparently it got a bit of a slating though after a test drive since it had less power than the standard injection- not read the article myself though so dont quote me on that.
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Default Carbs

I suggest twin 40's or 45's, they're readily available as are manifolds.
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Old 20-10-2003, 07:08 AM   #4
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yea , i am running 40's , and aslong as you get some choke sizes of 32 it should be fine , you may loose a little on top end , but it all depends on what you can get them for , i got a pair of 40's for 70 quid.

but remember ... buying 2nd carbs can be a false econemy, as i had allot of fueling problems (still do ) and you just dont know what the carbs where setup for before you bought them , also spindles where in them , which can let in air etc....

i have just taken mine off to replace my piston , saw that they had a choke size of 30 , which we are going to change to 32 , as 30 really is a bit small for these size engines.

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vilage idiot
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thanks for the info ... i was suprised to hear u only paid 70 quid for ur webers i was expecting serious wallet damage.
still in the planning stages at moment so stand by for more questions
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