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Default 1.4 turbo motors

Hi, Im new into this engine-swap lark, but have an MPi I want to make a bit faster.

I had hoped to fit a 1.0 ecoboost Ford, but the engine wont fit under an unmodified roundnose bonnet without scraping on the road out the bottom.

I have now got my eye on the 1.4 turbo motor fitted to mokkas and astras and the like (in 140+bhp guise 'natch)

has anyone fitted one of these?

Thanks B.B.
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I think one of the big stumbling blocks of the more modern engines is that the ECUs are all fly by wire throttle and CANbus dependent and it's very hard to get them working outside the original wiring of the donor car. Unlike earlier models where you could strip out the redundant wiring from a loom and just use the basic harness you can't do that with later cars. I understand for the EcoBoost conversion the guy had to take the whole loom and send it to Specialist Components who built him a loom from it that would run their ECU which was an expensive route to go down.

An NA 1.4 or 1.6 8v Vauxhall engine will make a Mini fly and the 16v versions even more so. There is also the Honda Vtec and Rover K series and even Nissan Micra engines that a commonly fitted and have off the shelf subframes to make fitment a damn sight easier.

Unless you are ready to trailblaze and spend a lot of cash then you'd be better off going down a tried and tested route. IMHO opinion of course
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