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Default F15 Clutch release bearing

Ill say this in advance any advice would be great

i've got an x16xe running an F15 box,

I'm using the allspeed pedal box with a 0.75 master cylinder for my clutch.

driven the car around without any issues yesterday however i've gone to it today and the pedal goes straight to the floor,

Checked to make sure that fluid is being pumped around the system but have then found that fluid is piddling out the bottom of the bell housing so im assuming the clutch release bearing has gone.

Now i've gone through 3 of these in about 500 of a actual drive miles and i'm at my wits end as to how to resolve the problem.

i've asked about on facebook pages with one person even saying its the wrong flywheel however not being a mechanic and without the original registration of the car i don't know how to go about checking if this could be the issue.

any ideas?
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Itís nothing to do with your flywheel Mark. They did 2 different types that are interchangeable. Flat type and pot type. Both will work with your gearbox and internal slave cylinder.

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