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due to the complete lack of regulation the motor trade is actually really easy to get into, you can start in a garage with absolutely no qualifications atall. (I did) I later put myself thro college to get my apprenticeship because i wanted it should I later want to become an MOT tester. was fairly easy and most colleges have provisions for this. a "fast track" cource if you will.

the trouble will be finding a start, best thing to do is just go around garages, ask for the foreman/owner and explain yourself. dont phone, dont hand in CV's get the right man on the right day and you will have a job.

another option is to fund yourslef thro night classes for your city&guilds, then do the MOT testers course all while currently employed. As a tester class 4/7 you will find work right away.

All that said and done, 90% of garages especially in the winter, have very poor air quality as the shutters are usually closed. and if they have a bodyshop, god help you. it may not be for you.
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