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Originally Posted by AGoaty View Post
No. The left one is much shorter.

Which could mean has actual torque steer, Jacks turbo engine was 250nm on his older map I believe, I donít know how much it is since it was re-mapped.
If I was in this situation I would start by having the geometry and corner weights set and then go from there.
You need to decide with the corner weights wether you want it to be optimal with just the driver in the car or with a passenger, the problem with the passenger is they may not always be the same person.
I intend on setting mine up for just myself and then if Iím ever playing with a passenger in the car, Iíll have to accept that the corner weights arenít optimal, I rarely have passengers anyway.

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couldnt be bothered to stretch that far to pull it out.
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Haz obviously don't like custard , my Mrs spits it out to!
I love it
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