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Yours had a spun bearing, I wouldnít expect that would help it perform to its fullest.
As I previously mentioned, my subframe had a break in the webbing at the rear, an area Iíve since beefed up, the flex in my frame from that broken webbing is going to upset my geometry in all sorts of ways regardless of how many times I set it up and I believe it would be the same with the Quaife, the car pulled about when I had an open diff and the only time it pulled straight was when I previously repaired the broken webbing in the past, but it didnít last long and Iíve never thought about it again until my recent strip down.
I changed my diff purely on the basis that the Quaife is better but that doesnít mean the Torsen is bad, Gazwad clearly proves it works with a good setup.

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couldnt be bothered to stretch that far to pull it out.
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